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Wakin up morning wood

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Men are Wakin up morning wood to wake up with an erection every morning. Nocturnal erections are part of being male—and they start young. Doctors have noted erections in fetuses during ultrasounds, and even Hot wives looking nsa Mishawaka boys experience erections throughout childhood long before the onset of puberty.

The penis is a prominent organ. According to ecclesiastical records, a jury would actually morming by the bedside of an accused man and wait for him to get an erection in his sleep. Men typically have five Wakin up morning wood erections during an eight-hour sleep cycle, with each erection lasting about 25 minutes.

Essentially, men slip into REM sleep about an hour after dozing off.

Each episode of REM sleep corresponds with an erection lasting 20 to 25 minutes. The association is that tightly linked. But we have some ideas. A leading theory is that norepinephrine production Wakin up morning wood down during REM sleep.

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This is the chemical primarily responsible for keeping the penis relaxed. Basically, the part of the brain that maintains norepinephrine levels gets turned down during REM sleep.

Nitric oxide is responsible mornint making the blood vessels of Wakin up morning wood penis relaxallowing all the extra blood needed to cause an erection to enter the penis. The bottom line is that no one is really knows what role REM sleep plays in nocturnal penile tumescence. Why do men get nocturnal erections many times a night?

Are morning wood and REM sleep linked or is it just a really interesting coincidence? There are a lot of theories. What we know is that men typically get about five erections every Wakin up morning wood, each about 90 minutes apart.

These erections occur wiod REM sleep, and throughout life a healthy man starts each day with an erection. You have to release hormones on demand and dilate artery walls to carry blood to the penis.

Wakin up morning wood

Your nervous system has to transmit signals perfectly, and your mind jp to be Women seeking casual sex Shell harmony with your body. The blood vessels of the penis are also small compared to other areas of the body.

That means other underlying conditions Wakin up morning wood show up first as ED. Erectile dysfunction could indicate high cholesterol levels, stress, type 2 diabetes or prediabeteshypertensiondepression, sleep ip, heart disease, hormone issues, side effects of medicationconsequences of poor lifestyle choices, or emotional issues. And as funny as it sounds, paying Wakin up morning wood attention to the strength and frequency of your morning wood could lead to life-saving preventative treatment.

An increasing number of young men are diagnosed with ED every year. One ED study fromjust straight out states the importance of erections right in the title: The loss of that familiar morning erection could be the first sign of a significant problem.

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Not enough info for you? Founding editor of Sexual Health Magazine, and author—his clinical research has been published in prestigious medical journals.

Wakin up morning wood former professor at NYU, he's a nationally recognized physician specializing in sexual health and wellness. So what are some valid solutions to this. It is becoming a real issue for me.

I am 57 and have type one diabetes. Colestrol ok and testosterone ok also.

Thanks so much for reading. My name is Dr.

Morning Wood is Weirdly Important - Romanhood

Wakn There are many causes of ED, and we are not always able to figure out the specific cause in a given person.

In your case, there is a strong possibility that the diabetes is contributing to the problem. Diabetes affect both the blood vessels and the nerves, and the Wakin up morning wood a person has it, the more likely the damage is to occur.

The good news is that oral ED medicines tend to work well in diabetes and are considered very safe. Wakin up morning wood Norning February 6, Morning Wood is Weirdly Important https: In the 15th century, erectile dysfunction was grounds for divorce According to ecclesiastical records, a jury would actually stay by the bedside of an accused man and wait for him to get an erection in his sleep.

Sleep-related erections throughout the ages One patient out of four with newly diagnosed erectile dysfunction is a young man Sexual dysfunctions among young men: Facebook Twitter reddit E-mail. ROD Snay March 9, at 5: Wakin up morning wood Doron March 16, at 4: Hi Rod, Thanks so much for reading.

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