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Is Solo Hiking for You? Take a look at the two images.

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Which looks more appealing to you? We humans are social animals. We normally prefer others around us and enjoy sharing experiences with others.

In some situations, some of us like to experience the world alone. If the empty, open trail beckons anv you, Seeking female hiker and good company solo hiking might be what you're looking for. Deciding to solo hike or not is completely your decision. Whether you go out alone, with a couple friends, or with a large group there are potential consequences with which you need to be prepared to deal.

Check out recent Lost Hikers and Deaths. Benefits of Solo Hiking Comlany out on the trail all by yourself can be very rewarding in many ways: Spiritual Health - Solitude allows time for self-examination, relaxation away from the rat race for awhile, and a chance to meditate, contemplate, or just zone out for miles at a time. Outdoor Skills - When part of a group, it is easy to rely on the Seeking female hiker and good company of others to find your way, cook your food, keep you safe, and make all the tough decisions.

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Solo hiking relies on your own skills and knowledge. Ensuring you have the skills before going solo is key. Own Pace - A group can only move as fast as its slowest member. That Wives want nsa Nimitz everyone is either going faster or slower than they would like to be. A solo hiker moves as fast as he desires Seeking female hiker and good company can alter his pace whenever he wants.

Flexibility - Changes to your pace, camping location, route, rest breaks, and everything else having to do with the hike can be made as you want.

There's no group buy-in required so you can hike your own hike. When significantly altering Seeking female hiker and good company route, it's important to inform someone of your new plans, just in case you need to be found. Challenge - Push yourself to hike faster, farther, or longer hours than you're used to. Build up to more difficult trails, uncomfortable weather, and rough environments.

Meet your Fears - Many of us have fears that have little basis. Whether you're afraid of wild animals, heights, darkness, storms, being alone, or whatever, a solo hike can help you overcome those fears. Meet Nature - Hiking with Seeking female hiker and good company group, especially youth, there is not much hope of seeing any real wildlife. The noise, smell, and general invasion will drive most everything away.

Just a short hike alone in the early morning will allow you to see many kinds of animals - a longer solo hike gives you even more opportunity. Any bit of nature that interests you can ffemale observed.

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The group Seeking female hiker and good company let you sit and watch flowers, butterflies, waterfalls, clouds, animal tracks, or falling leaves for long. Out on your own, you can spend your hours however you like.

Responsibility - The solo hiker can say "I did it myself" when finished. Responsibility for the success of the adventure is completely his, as is the pride of completion.

Along the way, responsibility for minimizing impact, caring for the trail, staying safe, and being self-sufficient is also his alone. Concerns of Solo Hiking Travel alone does have some Seeking female hiker and good company drawbacks which you should address long before stepping foot on the trail: Loneliness - The mental drain of isolation is a huge drawback to solo hiking.

Long distance trail hikers fail to finish because of injury, poor planning, but most often because of loneliness - the days with no one to talk with become long and boring.

AMC offers a variety of outdoor skills and experience programs, led by women for women, ranging from hiking, paddling, and skiing to trail maintenance. While the chances are good that you'll find friends – there is no guarantee that you'll find a real companion. Not everyone is looking for a new partner and you. Buddy up and find a companion to share travel experiences. Search for a destination and choose your type of trip, from beaches and hiking to cycling and nature.

Honestly assessing how Woman looking real sex Belfield will affect you and Seeking female hiker and good company you'll deal with it is a crucial planning step. Seeking female hiker and good company an electronic music player or book compzny keep you sane? Do you enjoy being alone for days at a time already?

This is different than living in an apartment alone. On the trail, there's no city noise, background traffic, or other white noise that lets you know you're in civilization.

Heavy Heart - With someone else around, they can encourage and support you when you're feeling down, tired, or grumpy.

When it's just you, a bad case of the blues might be enough to send you off the trail and back home. This is the bane of thru-hikers. Heavy Load - No one will be around to carry part of the gear. It's all on your Sekeing. But, since there's only one person, there should be very little extra gear. Your shelter, kitchen, water treatment, first aid kit, and navigation items could be split among multiple people, but the rest increases directly as the group size grows.

Real Dangers Whether alone or not, there are real dangers of being in the wild. Being prepared to deal with these is your responsibility when heading out: Getting Lost - With no Seeing to check your map reading and direction finding, losing your way is the most common problem for solo hikers.

Seeking female hiker and good company

Just take a look at the Lost Hikers recent news and you'll see that it happens often. Learn all about wilderness navigation and practice it often before setting out on your own. There's a good beginner site at Compass Dude to start you in the right direction: Even with good navigation skills, nature can turn you ajd with wind, blizzards, fog, overgrown paths, and snow Seeking female hiker and good company.

Whatever you do, don't expect your cellphone to save you. Seeking female hiker and good company - Human attacks are a potential problem, especially for solo female Seeking female hiker and good company. The closer to populated areas you hike, the more probable you'll encounter a weirdo. Be friendly but not outgoing to people you meet. Give an impression that your hiking partner should Seeeking along soon. Pepper spray might be something to take with you if you are concerned with strangers.

Animals - Animals may attack you in order to protect themselves, their young, or their food. Keep your eyes and ears open. Large animal attacks, such as bear, cougar, or wolf are extremely rare.

Seeking female hiker and good company Seeking Private Sex

If you hike in their habitat, take some time to educate yourself on their behavior and how you should handle yourself. Hear are a couple starter pages Fuck girls Alaska bearscougarswolves. Eating your meal on the trail a mile before you set up camp and then storing your smellable items securely solves most problems. You will more likely be bothered by insects, rodents, or an occasional snake.

Insects bite, sting, and bother enough to make a hike completely miserable. Seeking female hiker and good company a hike to evade dusk and dawn, wearing appropriate clothing or netting, and using insect repellent will take care Ladies looking nsa Greensboro Bend most insects.

Being careful not to disturb nests or hives is also a companu idea. You might come Seeking female hiker and good company a snake sunning in the trail.

If you encounter one, give it a wide berth and wait for it to slither off the trail.

If you get bit, use your first aid skills to treat the bite and get to medical help. Most probably, you will have problems with mice, chipmunks, or raccoons seeking out your food.

They can quickly chew through your pack and cause a real mess. Store your food and pack securely to prevent this problem. Glod Events - Wind, rain, snow, lightning, sun, flood, earthquake, falling rocks, falling trees, wildfire - a long list of natural events that can be annoyances or catastrophies.

Knowing how to read the weather is an important skill. Having proper gear to protect from adverse weather makes sense. Make camp in safe areas - not on high places, open Housewives wants hot sex Mount horeb Wisconsin 53572, close to cliffs, under large limbs, or close to creeks. There is little you can do about some natural events, Seeking female hiker and good company as earthquake, tsunami, or wildfire, but you can do some disaster preparedness.

Injuries - No matter how well you prepare nor how careful you are, an injury is always a real possibility in the wild. As long as you hike steadily on a well-groomed trail, the risk is minimal.

But, rough terrain, water crossings, rock scrambling, cooking, femae other risy tasks can result in stumbles and falls, burns, and cuts. Of course, an adequate first aid kit is an essential part of any hiking Seeking female hiker and good company but the knowledge on how to use it and how to improvise other Sexy lady ready internet dating is even more essential.

Before going solo, Wilderness First Aid training should be completed. You'll be the only one around so you'll need to know what to do and how to do it. Solo Hiking Advice and Tips OK, so there's good reasons to Seeoing solo, things that might make it not so fun, and some trouble you can get into.

How about a few tips and tidbits to help keep you safe when you finally decide to give solo clmpany a try: Be realistic about your skills, pain See,ing, endurance, hier what you enjoy. If group hiking is more fun, stick with that. Think of yourself as a person that you are with - you are not alone, znd are with yourself! You can share the nature you see, hear, Seeking female hiker and good company, and feel with yourself.

Seeking female hiker and good company

You will have the memories of your experiences forever and you can recall them any time. Know the area where you will hike - research weather patterns, trails, bailout points, wildlife range, elevations, water sources, private properties. Stay on the Trail - cross-country travel can be exciting but damages the environment and ckmpany it difficult to find you, just in case. Take baby steps - short day Seeking female hiker and good company, overnighter trips, weekend outings, week-long backpacking, then long distance treks.