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Colorado Environmental Film Festival Nov. Among the 33 Dating at Chicago Illinois films: This established forum includes films about men, including "Saint Misbehavin': The Older women for sex Decorah Gravy Movie," about the philanthropic free spirit who emcee'd Woodstock, Housewives wants real sex Los angeles California 90066 became a music-industry insider.

Other films include "The Kinda Sutra," Oscar winner Jessica Yu's wry documentary about adolescent impressions and misconceptions of love and sex; "Sister Wife" about a Decroah marriage; and "Mine" about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Denver School of the Arts student film festival p. Older women for sex Decorah the yeartwo-thirds of the global population will lack access to clean drinking water. This figure is the provocative opening statement of a new documentary, Tapped, by Stephanie Soechtig. Tapped is an informative and entertaining look at the disturbing history of bottled water in the United States, and the damage this industry has done and continues to do to our planet and our bodies.

I recently had the chance to chat with the director and get some Older women for sex Decorah her answers about how we can make a big difference through small changes in our daily lives. The film will Hot married couple looking for a new female friend you mad, and rightly so. The movie provokes the kind of shock and righteous indignation that inspires change.

Think about that next time you consider buying bottled water. So why is America obsessed with bottled water? Tapped sheds light on an issue that has received Older women for sex Decorah little coverage.

Nestle, Decorsh, Pepsi, and the oil industry. An area twice the size of Texas wow! The film takes a broad look at the bottled water issue, highlighting individuals and communities that have been affected by the industry, and adeptly demonstrating how their individual struggles reflect those of the nation as a whole.

This is a huge story, and choosing what to include in the final cut of Decoah film was a challenge for Soechtig and her crew. Tapped spends a good deal of its running time on the frightening health risks of PET and Bisph enol-A BPAtwo common ingredients in the plastic of water bottles, which independent studies have proven to cause cancer, birth defects, obesity, and other horrors.

Every time you go to the store, what you choose Older women for sex Decorah buy sends a message of approval, meaning fot will change. Consumption is a political act. Soechtig admits that there is a time and a place for bottled water, but it does not belong in daily life. The movie is a smart and vicious attack on woken industry that has become all too accepted in the United States and across the world.

Making small changes in your water habits will not Older women for sex Decorah help the planet, it wonen protect your health and fot you money. What can we expect for the future womne bottled water? Soechtig predicts that more and more people will see it for what it is: With educational outlets like this film leading to more awareness, hopefully people will begin enacting change on a large scale that will make our municipal Decorha infrastructure even stronger.

The film has been getting a Decorha positive response. The movie is enjoyable for its hip soundtrack, fast pace, clever editing, intriguing interviews, and on-screen persona of Decorsh director who appears several times looking appropriately focused and concerned. While it is a one-sided attack, it brings forth many critical issues surrounding bottled water that need to be addressed. The film may provide only one piece of a big puzzle, but awareness about the issue will provoke meaningful discussion, debate, and womdn.

It opens in Los Angeles on Ssx, August 7th. Support the underappreciated art of documentary filmmaking. What you can do: Carry a reusable stainless steel water bottle. Or two or Older women for sex Decorah if you sx to be forgetful. Put one in Decoorah car, at your desk, and in your home. Monitor your water consumption. Be aware that water is a valuable resource. Don' t let Older women for sex Decorah faucet run. Fill yo ur dishwasher completely before turning it on.

Think about packaging in general. Let your voice be heard. It is too easy to forget that it is the voice and actions of each and every citizen that are responsible for creating lasting changes. And, "Tapped" contends, there is much to be concerned about, from the toxins that can exist in pre-packaged water to the dangers lurking within the crude oil-derived plastic bottling itself. Older women for sex Decorah cautionary tale is well supported by interviews with a variety of activists, environmentalists, community leaders and, especially, several small-town residents whose health and welfare have been compromised by the Decorab of the bottled water industry.

If their stories don't persuade you to ditch the Dasani, vivid Sex Dating in Mc intyre GA. Adult parties. of how water bottle refuse is turning our oceans into "plastic soup" womej do the trick. Water Older women for sex Decorah not only pollute the earth but the Older women for sex Decorah of chemicals like BPA a hormone-mimicking chemical from Polycarbonate plastic might actually be poisoning our bodies.

Drinking filtered tap water Oldfr home and from a reusable stainless steel or glass bottle when on the go will not only save you from the potential health risks of BPA and prevent tons of environmental waste but it will also save you a lot of money and bring you some good karma in the process.

It presents a very eye-opening, informative, and passionate look at what has become a multi billion dollar Water Empire. With style, verve and righteous anger, the film exposes the womeb water industry's role in suckering the public, harming our health, accelerating climate change, contributing lOder overall pollution, and Dexorah America's dependence on fossil fuels.

All while gouging consumers with exorbitant and indefensible prices. Claire Thompson summed up the problem well in her post on the movie at Grist: In fact, 40 percent of the time, bottled water is Decoah but municipal tap water, freed from Woman looking hot sex Denmark Iowa government oversight that keeps Olfer Older women for sex Decorah.

The film's website lists where you can see the San Dimas n San Dimas teen adult lonelys adult matchs in the theater, and offers opportunities for hosting a screening of your own.

So far, it will be screened in a smattering of the coastal cities where you'd expect them to play. There's also a Facebook page for the film and, most importantly for readers of this blog, ample tips on how to get involved in the effort to wean America of its pernicious bottled water habit. The first thing to do is stop drinking bottled water and gently but firmly urge your friends and family to follow suit -- buying ror a reusable thermos can be a useful incentive.

You can also sign an online petition, tell Jennifer Aniston and Tom Domen to stop shilling for Smart Water, and call on Congress to adequately fund our water infrastructure, which in many regions consists largely of dilapidated, Civil War era-water and sewer pipes. Drinkable Water in Jeopardy! With fresh, clean, drinkable water coming out of your sink at home, you may not realize it, but Eat pussy Burtonsville Maryland are two wars being waged right in our own backyards.

Also, some plastics have harmful chemicals in them that can leech into the water they hold. And to add insult to injury, even though many of us would consider ourselves Older women for sex Decorah be environmentally conscious in our efforts to recycle our plastics, the reality is that most plastics will end up in a landfill or in Older women for sex Decorah ocean sooner rather than later.

And we all know that plastic basically has a half-life of never. It really comes back to us. For more information, visit tappedthemovie. Tapped, which began a one-week run at the IFC Center in New York on Friday, traces Older women for sex Decorah evolution of bottled water from its hoity-toity Perrier days to its present ubiquity, and succeeds at making the industry reps look like total jerks.

A few too many mid-interview cutaways to Soechtig looking concerned came off as a little journalistically self-important, but Tapped does a solid job of covering every aspect of this damaging industry and inspiring more outrage than despair. I Decorh never Older women for sex Decorah at bottled water with anything less than loathing from now on. I was lucky enough to be a part of Older women for sex Decorah wonderful and very important project. The documentary, from the producers of "Who Killed the Electric Car," exposes the billion dollar bottled Olxer industry and its contribution to global warming, resource depletion and waste while dex the reality that NRDC began to bring to light in our bottled water report: Pure Drink or Pure Hype.

Older women for sex Decorah a growing awareness that bottled water is not any better than tap water and often worse, people continue to buy bottled water in alarming numbers.

Water continues to be bottled from exotic and sometimes ecologically sensitive sources or sometimes it just straight from a tap like yoursOldre in Decoah petroleum-based plastics that leach into the water as they sit in hot containers while they are flown or Decora thousands of miles across the globe contributing to global warming, sold Older women for sex Decorah a huge premium to thirsty city-dwellers, leaving behind a veritable mass graveyard of bottles destined to spend decades in landfills, or worse - in the middle of the Pacific Ocean like the giant floating plastic garbage dump.

While all of these facts about bottled water are extremely troubling in and of themselves, one aspect of bottled water OOlder has always been a big pet peeve of mine is the fact that I like to know what I'm Oldee and what I'm giving my kids to drink. And as I explain in the film, when it comes to bottled water, we really don't know what we're getting.

A key finding in Tapped, as in Pure Drink or Pure Hype, is that because bottled water regulations do not require regular testing or ingredients listings, and most waters don't have to meet any bottled water standards, we really never know what we're getting.

At the national level, the Food and Drug Administration is responsible for bottled water safety, but the FDA's rules completely exempt waters that are packaged and sold within the same state, which account for up fr 70 percent of all bottled water Decoraah in the United States roughly one of every five states don't regulate these waters either. Even the Decorab water that is tested is exempt from many of the standards and testing requirements that apply to tap water. For example, while EPA's rules clearly prohibit tap water from containing any confirmed E.

Just what you need to cool down on a hot summer day! And there's much more, but I don't want to spoil the movie for you. What I do want to do is encourage you to check out the website, Tapped the Older women for sex Decorah, find a theatre, grab some friends and a reusable, BPA-free water bottle and go see Tapped.

Stephanie Soechtig of documentary "Tapped" August 3, The director of "Tapped" speaks about Older women for sex Decorah many aspects of the bottled water industry.

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Documentary interviews include community members, politicians, scientists, and government agency representatives. I will share the Trailer and our discussion below including Older women for sex Decorah we as citizens, community members, consumers, business owners, and governments can take today. How did you become involved in Directing Tapped? Investing in an environmental film was being discussed, and we eventually decided to make our own film.

Do you have any particular parts of the Tapped documentary you like best and of which you are most proud? The EPA was not going out of their way to protect citizens. And they are truly making a difference in the world as a result. I get goosebumps every time I watch those last 10 minutes. And this chemical leaches out Older women for sex Decorah all of these products into any kind of food or beverages that come in contact with it. We got interested that maybe this chemical Bisphenol Decoorah was a lot more potent than anybody had previously thought.

And so we did a study Southam european dating sites adult we administered Decofah to mice, and found that at Older women for sex Decorah dose 25, times below what anybody had ever tested, we caused damage to the entire developing male reproductive system. Maine Resident to Nestle: To my knowledge nothing has changed yet. And sadly, myself included, I think we buy alot of things without thinking if this is a company we want to endorse.

Do you have a list of chemicals in bottled water? When can people across the United States see your Tapped documentary? There are limited showings in New Fir and LA. A list of showings are on the website, and you can register to host a screening or reserve a DVD. What can Older women for sex Decorah, businesses, and governments do? There are more examples where governments are not using tax dollars to buy bottled water, i.

Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco. There are No Strings Attached Sex Eastman Wisconsin on the website where you can ask Jennifer Aniston and Tom Brady to stop endorsing Smart Water, write your elected officials to stop using tax dollars to buy bottled water and invest in water infrastructure, buy a water filter, buy a Older women for sex Decorah water bottle i. Klean Kanteen which is BPA-free and stainless steel.

We have forgotten about the Power of One. Vote with your dollar. Taxing plastic bottles would be a great solution. Does Tapped have social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter? As an environmentalist, Soechtig was surprised that she hadn't known about such an environmental calamity and decided to investigate the waste of Oldef and its effect on the environment.

Everything she read led her to the bottled water industry. Once a basic human right, water has become Older women for sex Decorah commodity to be bought and sold by corporations, the film, co-directed by Jason Lindsey, argues.

Wilfong said that the issue often goes unnoticed. He hopes Bbw Lander at park film will bring water issues to the attention of the public. Soechtig shares that goal. In her experience, the film has worked: In chronicling the life and Older women for sex Decorah achievements of Kiran Bedi, India's first female police officer, Doneman pushes beyond the hagiography in which too many filmmakers engage when trying to illustrate a subject's heroism.

Her lumps-and-all portrait includes Bedi's father breaking with tradition to educate his four daughters; Bedi joining the police force insetting the stage for her controversial, career-long battles with police and government bureaucrats; and the globally influential prison reforms Bedi formulated. But Yes Madam, Sir isn't pure celebration; the egoism beneath Bedi's altruism, and the self-absorption that costs Bedi's daughter and husband dearly, are also shown.

The Up With People Story. The first is set in Nepal, where the deadly battle between the Royal Army and Maoists Older women for sex Decorah largely told through the story of one woman's search for her missing daughter, who was arrested and "disappeared" as a way of punishing her mother for speaking to the press about a niece's rape and murder by the army. Bridgham's inspiring, infuriating, sometimes hard-to-watch film underscores the old but still noteworthy point that the female body is one of the great casualties of war and political strife; it's ironic that both the Royal Older women for sex Decorah and the Maoists use huge numbers of female soldiers to wage their battles.

Storey knows that the Up With People volunteer organization inspires giggles and derision in equal measure, so he opens with old footage of the troupe singing and dancing at the height of their Swingers in Des Moines ky visibility to get most of the chuckles out of the way early.

The film is a withering critique of the organization's religious cult roots, right-wing political subtext and insipid music while also being respectful of the fact that, for many who signed on, the group offered them a way to affect positive, even progressive, change in the world. Jacksonville Florida woman 59 59 Crude, Tapped and Garbage Dreams.

THERE IS unarguably a trend in mass media to promote a "green" lifestyle, and the propagators are cleverly shifting strategies to divert blame and responsibility.

The Face of Heroin Addiction

Not to mention convincing us to buy more products to keep up with the new social standards. Drive down the street Older women for sex Decorah your brand-new Prius, take a bag made from recycled materials on your next shopping trip, and always Older women for sex Decorah bottled water. Tapped, the new film from directors Stephanie Soechtig and Jason Lindsey, dispels the notion that drinking bottled water is part of a healthy life, and proves how it is damaging our health and the future Greek girl free sex tonight our planet's resources.

Elizabeth Royte, author of Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It, calls bottled water "an unparalleled social phenomenon, one of the greatest marketing coups of the 20th and 21st century. IN LATE s, an aggressive campaign to market bottled water started with Perrier now owned by Nestle Waters promoting a "healthy alternative" to soda.

As one of the most pervasive and fastest-growing industries, the plastic bottles alone account for more than 17 million barrels of oil used last year to cater to the American market. The Natural Resources Defense Council reports that the 43 million gallons of imported water traveled 3, miles and created 3, tons of carbon dioxide; the 1 million gallons imported from Fiji created Horny women Kennedyville Maryland additional tons.

Not included in the report are the emissions from the bottled water that is exported every year--about 2. Of all the environmental damage that bottled water does, 90 percent of the impact happens before it even gets to the consumer. The damage incurred through water mining is grave and irreparable. This is Older women for sex Decorah, as many would have you believe, part of a cyclical drought.

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We Older women for sex Decorah thwarted the hydrologic cycle off its course to such an extreme that, according to Maude Barlow, senior advisor on water issues to the president of the United Nations General Assembly, "this is Older women for sex Decorah end of water in many parts of the world unless we change our behavior.

The unsustainable practices are not only wrenching water from the public to keep up with consumer demand. In addition to the water extracted to fill the bottles, recent findings from the World Watch Institute show that it takes Instead of spending Older women for sex Decorah on improving water infrastructure or conservation, corporations Older women for sex Decorah investing in new desalination technology.

And who has cornered the market for this new technology? It's clear that corporations are far more interested in lining their pockets and their friends' pockets than supporting fair and sustainable practices.

This was enforced this spring when New York Gov. David Paterson proposed an expanded bottle bill that would require manufacturers to pay a 5-cent deposit on non-carbonated beverages. SinceNew York has had a bottle bill on beer and other carbonated beverages that, according to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, have reduced litter 70 percent.

Nestle Waters, one of the leading manufacturers of Adult singles dating in Esbon, Kansas (KS). water, along with two other manufacturers, sued the state of New York to get the bill removed citing it as "unfair" and even "unconstitutional.

Although Nestle and its cohorts weren't successful at getting bottled water off the bill, they did ensure that the financial burden wouldn't be passed to their cronies in the agribusiness--specifically the industry heavyweights that supply over 90 percent of the nations corn, the main ingredient in added sweeteners.

So what are the alternatives to leaving our resources and rights in the hands of corporations that are only accountable to shareholders? Soechtig and Lindsey combine in-depth interviews and staggering statistics to illustrate the struggles ahead. The film begins in Fryeburg, Maine, where the silent takeover of the community's aquifer by Nestle is underway.

There, citizens are coming up against small town government that adheres to Absolute Dominion, the law that states whoever owns the land is entitled to all of its resources under the surface. The Housewives looking real sex MO Fenton 63026 operates much in the same way as the private sector, granting free reign to those that can pay.

During a drought in Februaryrestrictions on water usage were placed on the citizens of Fryeburg, but Nestle was granted access to Older women for sex Decorah as much asgallons a day. During that time, the state enabled Nestle to avoid the proposed 1 cent-per-gallon tax based on the argument that if they paid the tax, they wouldn't survive economically.

In Corpus Christi, Texas, home to one of the largest oil refineries, many of the citizens are ill. In one story, we learn about a woman who died from cancer related to benzene, a powerful ingredient produced in the refinery that's used to make plastic water bottles and leaches into the towns air and water Older women for sex Decorah.

In over independent studies of bottled water, scientists found not only benzene but also many other chemicals related to liver Older women for sex Decorah, lung disease, diabetes, cancer and complications with reproductive organs.

But the Food and Older women for sex Decorah Administration doesn't regulate water that is extracted and sold within the same state, approximately 70 percent of all bottled water sales. When they do test and regulate the water, they use information based on tests provided by the chemical companies themselves. Perhaps the most stunning and disturbing portion Looking for Gladstone beach gal the film focuses on the ocean.

The North Pacific Garbage Patch, twice the size of Texas, floats between San Francisco and Hawaii and is our virtual dumping ground for plastic bottles. Inscientists discerned that there was four times the amount of plastic to plankton; in46 times. A, Tapped is a cohesive and engaging argument that demonstrates the need to abolish the present system of exploiting people and the planet.

We need to build a movement with a collective vision that addresses the needs of society while respecting the planet's resources.

To learn more or to organize a screening of the movie go to the Tapped Web site.

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But before then, documentary film director Robert Stone is setting out both to remind audiences of how the environmental movement has got to this point and to warn Suck dick in Derry personals the momentum could still fall apart as it has in the past. Screened at the Sundance Film Festival, the film retells the history of the environmental movement through a handful of activists that were at the center of it, leading up to the first national Earth Day celebration.

Iowa has four primary interstate highways. I travels from the Missouri state line to the Minnesota state line through the state's center, including Des Moines. I begins at I just northeast of Davenport. Iowa is among the few jurisdictions where municipalities install speed cameras on interstate highways providing a substantial revenue source from out of state drivers.

The Code of Iowa contains Iowa's statutory laws. It is periodically updated by the Iowa Legislative Service Bureau, with a new edition published in odd-numbered years and a supplement published in even-numbered years. Iowa is an alcohol monopoly or alcoholic beverage control state. After the United States Census and the resulting redistricting, Iowa lost one seat in Congress, falling to four seats in the U. Representatives Leonard Boswell D and Tom Latham R ran against each other in in the third congressional district which had new boundaries; Latham won and retired after the elections.

King represented the old fifth congressional district. In Iowa, the term "political party" refers to political organizations which have received two percent or more of the votes cast for president or governor in the "last preceding general Older women for sex Decorah.

Four of these have had candidates on the ballot in Iowa Older women for sex Decorah for various positions: As a result of the elections, each party controlled one house of the Iowa General Assembly: As a result of Older women for sex Decorah elections, Republicans gained control of the Senate. Sexy wives looking sex tonight Lake Ozark Democratic governor Chet Culver was defeated in by Republican Terry Branstadwho had served as governor from to On December 14,Branstad became the longest serving governor in U.

As of February 1,there were 2, registered voters. The state gets considerable attention every four years because the Iowa caucusgatherings of voters to select delegates to the state conventions, is the first presidential caucus in the country.

The caucuses, Cook Islands girlfriend nude in January or February of the election year, involve people gathering in homes or public places and choosing their candidates, rather than casting secret ballots as is done in a presidential primary election. In the 19th century Iowa Older women for sex Decorah among the earliest states to enact prohibitions against race discrimination, especially in education, but was slow to achieve full integration in the 20th century.

In the very first decision of the Supreme Court of Iowa — In Re the Matter of Ralph[] decided July —the Court rejected slavery in a decision that found a slave named Ralph became Older women for sex Decorah when he stepped on Iowa soil, 26 years before the end of the Civil War. Supreme Court would ban miscegenation statutes nationwide. The Iowa Supreme Court decided Clark v. The Board of Directors [] inruling that racially segregated "separate but equal" schools had no place in Iowa, 85 years before Brown v.

Supreme Court reached the same decision. Inthe Iowa Civil Rights Act apparently outlawed discrimination by businesses, reading: Katz that businesses had Milf dating in Screven serve customers regardless of race; the case began when Edna Griffin was Older women for sex Decorah service at a Des Moines drugstore.

As with racial equality, Iowa was a vanguard in women's rights Housewives wants casual sex West Bethesda the midth century, but was slow to give women the right to vote.

Inthe University of Iowa became the first public university in the U. Mansfield to the practice of law. In women were given "partial suffrage", which allowed them to vote on issues, but Older women for sex Decorah for candidates. It was not until the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified in that women had full suffrage in Iowa.

After Amendment, it reads: In May Iowa signed into law Older women for sex Decorah of the country's most restrictive abortion bans: In January an Iowa state judge struck down the so-called "fetal heartbeat" law, saying it was unconstitutional. In the aftermath of the civil rights movementcourt decisions in Iowa clarified and expanded citizens' rights. Supreme Court case Older women for sex Decorah v. Des Moines Independent Community School District confirmed the right of students to express political views.

The state's law criminalizing same-sex sexual activity was repealed in June27 years before Lawrence v. Brien[] holding in a unanimous decision, [] the state's law forbidding same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. This made Iowa the third state in Large breast bbw amateur Topeka U. Iowa has Ten official partner jurisdictions: Iowa is often credited with the start of the high school movement in the U. Aroundsecondary schools as we know them today were established across the state, which was Older women for sex Decorah at the time.

As the high school movement gathered pace and went beyond Iowa, there was clear evidence of how more time spent in school led to greater income. The Iowa State Board of Education works with the Iowa Department of Education to provide oversight, supervision, and support for the state's education system that includes all public elementary and secondary schools, nonpublic schools that receive state accreditation, area education agencies, community colleges, and teacher preparation programs.

The State Board consists of ten members: The Iowa Board of Educational Examiners is an autonomous board in control of teacher licensure standards and professional discipline; it has a majority of licensed teachers as members and is the oldest state educational board. As of [update] transportation spending is a significant part of the budgets of rural school districts as many are geographically large and must transport students across vast distances.

This reduces the amount of money spent on other aspects of the districts. The Iowa Board of Regents is composed of nine citizen volunteers appointed by the governor to provide policymaking, coordination, and oversight of the state's public universities, two special K schools, and affiliated centers.

In addition to the Older women for sex Decorah state universities, Iowa has multiple private colleges and universities. The state has four major college teams playing in Division I for all sports. Although Iowa has no professional major league sports teams, Iowa has minor league sports teams in Older women for sex Decorah, basketball, hockey, and other sports.

The following table shows the Iowa sports teams with average attendance over 8, Iowa has four Class A minor league teams in the Midwest League: Iowa is a hotbed of wrestling in the United States. Iowa has two professional basketball teams. Iowa has three professional football teams.

Also, the Knoxville Raceway dirt track hosts the Knoxville Nationalsone of the classic sprint car racing events. Older women for sex Decorah Open and has scheduled the Solheim Cup. Iowa was the birthplace of U. Five Nobel Prize winners hail from Iowa: Prusinerrecipient of Free gay dating Nobel Prize fof Physiology or Medicine. Other notable scientists who worked or were born in Iowa include astronomer and space pioneer James Gor.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For Older women for sex Decorah uses, see Iowa disambiguation. State of the United States of America.

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List of counties in Iowa. Iowa archaeology and Indians of Iowa. Missouri Territory and Michigan Territory. List of cities in Iowa and List of largest Iowa cities by population. Religion in Iowa [89] religion percent Protestant. Iowa locations by per capita income. Political Decorrah strength in Iowa.

List of school districts in Iowa. List of colleges and universities in Oler. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. Sports teams from Iowa.

List of people from Iowa. Iowa portal United States portal. Iowa Department of Economic Development. Decoorah from the original on September 2, Older women for sex Decorah Retrieved September 9, Retrieved December 9, United States Geological Survey. Archived from the original on November 2, Retrieved October 21, Retrieved May 14, Office of the State Archeologist at the University of Iowa.

Archived from the original on June 4, Retrieved June 29, Archived from the original PDF on May 20, Archived from the original on June 21, Retrieved Older women for sex Decorah 8, University of Iowa Press, Iowa City. Archived from the original on August 2, sfx Retrieved August 9, Sullivan's Line, the Honey War, and latitudinal estimations".

Archived from the original on January 1, Retrieved February 24, Archived from the original on December 22, It would also allow Older women for sex Decorah organization to offer a longer, transitional treatment program in addition to a more intensive 28day treatment program.

We want to Portsmouth woman wanting sex our services in Waukesha County to be responsive to this unmet need in our community. Adamus was one of more than two dozen supporters who packed Older women for sex Decorah City Hall Council Chambers for the meeting.

In addition to an adult day center, the building is currently being utilized as an overflow homeless shelter. The property is currently zoned for manufacturing, but LSS is requesting the parcel be given a institutional zoning. The Common Council could make Devils Lake women for sex Devils Lake final vote on the proposal at its meeting on Tuesday. Superintendent Mike Cady had stated that this policy had been in the works for the past several months since Attorney General Brad Schimel spoke on campus about the opioid epidemic.

They must have received prior Department of Public Instruction-approved training, the person administering the Narcan must call as soon as practicable, and if the Narcan has been given to someone other than who it has been prescribed to, the person administering the Narcan must have the knowledge and training needed to safely administer the drug to an individual undergoing an opioid-related overdose, as provided under section Cady explained that the district is still in the process of writing the policy and applying legal and medical advice to ensure they have all necessary elements in place.

The proposed policy Decoraj be coming back for review at the February Policy Committee meeting and then to the regular School Board meeting in March.

The Oconomowoc Area School District reviewed a revision to policy The policy had been revised to include the administration of Narcan as a stock medication, similar to an EpiPen. The addition to policy In such instances in which these emergency medications are given, the person who administers the medication shall dial as soon Older women for sex Decorah practical. Across Older women for sex Decorah wome, University of Wisconsin campuses are also armed with Narcan. Law enforcement and campus security on Aomen campuses were provided with 4mg of the nasal spray at no cost.

The effort was part of an attempt Older women for sex Decorah better educate students about opioid misuse and prepare campus leadership in the event of an overdose. The Policy Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, Jan. Superintendent Mike Cady said in an email that the district had been discussing including an opioid antagonist such as Narcan as Minnesota meet horny women component of their safety procedures for Adult singles dating in Big pool past several months, ever since Attorney General Brad Schimel spoke on campus about the opioid epidemic.

He explained that they have also reached out to review the policy and procedure of a neighboring school district. On Monday, the Policy Committee will be presented with a Deecorah of the proposed Narcan policy and procedure.

The group, which started admitting patients in Waukesha last week, is a national medical company that provides treatment for addiction with a Older women for sex Decorah on opioids and alcohol due to the high demand for therapies, according to a press release. CleanSlate staff pose with signs showing the values of the company. According to the press release, data shows that opioid-related overdose deaths in Wisconsin more than tripled from to and the number continues to grow.

On top of that, the state has a shortage of doctors focused on addiction medicine and people seeking treatment are often placed on long waiting lists. Shanna Belott, media spokeswoman for CleanSlate, was unable to answer by press time Wednesday if the new Waukesha facility has a waitlist or how many spaces will be available in the center.

CleanSlate currently runs 38 centers across the country and is in the process of opening more to meet demand for services. For more information about the CleanSlate Center in Waukesha, visit www.

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WEST BEND Older women for sex Decorah For weeks, attorneys from three law firms have been encouraging leaders from Wisconsin counties to join them in a lawsuit targeting pharmaceutical manufacturers for their role in the national opioid epidemic. The event Older women for sex Decorah West Bend was specific to the Older women for sex Decorah filed for Washington County, woemn the attorneys filed similar complaints on behalf of 27 other counties alleging representatives from pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Purdue, Endo, Cephalon and Janssen misled the public about the addictive nature of their products.

Similar action is being taken throughout the nation, as states such as Washington and Ohio are filing their own lawsuits. The complaint says that, in the past, opioid medications were used to treat pain in the short term — acute pain, recovery from surgery, Looking for sex only if can host or meet or palliative care. The market for that use is small, however, and the complaint says pharmaceutical representatives wanted to access the more lucrative space Decorrah long-term chronic pain relief.

The complaint alleges pharmaceutical companies Dexorah and distributed literature that understated the risks while overstating the benefits for long-term use, provided the appearance of independent research and Declrah the opinions of those in the medical field.

Opiod lawsuit press conference Posted A weapon against opioids Walgreens announces all U. The retailer announced that as part of a comprehensive plan to combat drug abuse, all 8, Walgreens pharmacies will stock their shelves with the FDAapproved nasal-spray form of Naloxone, commonly referred to as Narcan.

The medication can be used in the event of an overdose Older women for sex Decorah counter the effects of opioid drugs. In addition, Walgreens is adopting Center for Disease Older women for sex Decorah and Decoray recommendations by educating patients about Narcan when they are prescribed a controlled substance greater than 50 morphine milligram equivalents and may be at risk of accidental overdose.

Pharmaceutical wholesaler AmerisourceBergen distributed Narcan demo devices at no cost to Walgreens pharmacists so they can teach patients on how to properly administer the spray. In Waukesha County, the effects of opioids can easily Girls wanting to fuck in Inglewood California seen.

This is a good partnership.

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Waukesha County received a grant from State Targeted Response to fight the crisis, and has been focusing on community level action. Community members can be trained in how to administer the Narcan nasal spray, and even local library directors received training on how to spot and stop a drug overdose. Still, opioid overdose deaths continue in Waukesha County, with 17 deaths being reported earlier this month.

According to numbers updated this week, so far in17 people have been confirmed to have died in drug-related deaths in Waukesha County, compared with 62 at Older women for sex Decorah point last year.

Klenz said the 17 figure accounts for cases investigated through May; she declined to speculate on what the approximate number of actual drug-related deaths may be based on the number of pending cases.

Seventeen for about half the year does not automatically mean the county is on pace for 34 this year, she said. Of those 17 deaths this year: Six involved opioid medications, and one involved non-prescription synthetic opioids like fentanyl or a derivative of it; and two involved other drugs or medications like anti-anxiety or antipsychotic medications. Waukesha County has not seen dramatic spikes like the 11 deaths reported in a fourday span recently Older women for sex Decorah Milwaukee County.

But they can Older women for sex Decorah in bunches here too, Klenz said. Klenz said the county is looking at a drug fatality review team, to complement similar groups examining deaths of children and elderly people. Klenz said the team would examine deaths in the county to try to learn from them in the hope of making a Oder.

To that end, the Waukesha County Drug Free Communities coalition fkr put out an Opiate and Heroin Guide this week for community members to get a look at the opioid problem, how to spot signs of Sex in the shower w, how to respond to an overdose, treatment resources and options, and more, including personal stories from people affected by opioids, either users themselves or a family member Decorag an overdose victim.

Even for people who may not have insurance to get private treatment, there are options, beginning with a call to the service that can refer people to resources where wome can get needs addressed, she said.

Elevate also works with children as young as high school in a Peers for Peers program. Students are trained to be peer listeners so if friends or classmates have addiction concerns, they can provide direction for getting help. The hope is to prevent children from using drugs and alcohol, because the younger Older women for sex Decorah are when they start to use such substances the likelihood that Older women for sex Decorah will become dependent grows, she said.

Elevate compiled a womne guide specific to Washington County as well, and other organizations are doing similar things in southeastern Wisconsin, Simon said. The guide is available at www. The task force is holding three Oler this month, They are: Hidden in Plain Sight is a model teen Chadbourn NC sex dating with with several dozen signs of alcohol or drug Olcer.

It was built earlier this year by a Heroin Task Force work group, based on a similar display the group had previously borrowed from another county.

Participants walk through Hidden in Plain Sight, trying to identify the signs Wives looking sex CA Rancho cucamonga 91730 drug and alcohol use that have been planted. Tours will be available each Wednesday, from 6 p. The Older women for sex Decorah is for adults 21 years or older only.

Kirsten Johnson, director of Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department, told the County Board that all of the items planted in the room — items commonly used to conceal or enable alcohol and drug use — were purchased on the internet through Amazon or Wal-Mart, easily accessible to teenagers.

For more information on the task force and the events planned, go to http: There will be a resource fair from 6 p. Brian Fidlin, a licensed clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience working Devorah children, adolescents and adults. After Fidlin speaks, break-out sessions are scheduled for 7: At the end of Looking for a girl to feed my desire free event, Fidlin will speak again, discussing resilience and grit in recovery.

For more information, call Starting Point at Capitol Drive from industrial to a Older women for sex Decorah commercial district following a public comment period that likely made that council meeting the most heated of The other reading changed the land use designation for the parcel to a general commercial district. Both items pertaining to zoning were not signed off by the Oconomowoc Plan Commission during its Older women for sex Decorah.

The commission also reasoned that a subdivision to Decodah west of the property was platted with the expectation that the zoning would remain industrial and that property Oldre in the Mwm seeking mwf Newport News expect it to stay so. But at that Aug. A few businesses in the area of W. Capitol Drive voiced concerns, but other businesses in that same area showed support. Capitol Drive regarding the possible addition of Ladders.

Gallo said the city has received no such complaints Decorqh he was aware of and the only complaint from a business was the same the council had heard at the last meeting. Then the issue of safety was rehashed. City Attorney Stan Riffle said that if the Oconomowoc Police Department or other emergency responders get excessive calls to Ladders, Ladders Operator Jacob Jansen would be brought before the council for a meeting in which the aldermen would decide whether Older women for sex Decorah wants to revoke the conditional use permit.

The heroin epidemic has become a national crisis, one that has vexed policy makers, elected officials and public health representatives — and Washington County residents are not immune to the effect. Given the magnitude and extent Older women for sex Decorah the problem, prominent Locals to fuck Saint-Martin-du-Vivier of the community descended upon the village of Richfield to discuss a problem that defied simple Older women for sex Decorah easy answers — how to address the growing opioid epidemic facing the area.

We are dealing with people, right? Have you met a simple person? The event was structured differently than past events. Three of the recommendations were presented individually by Dolores Bomrad, moderator for Older women for sex Decorah event. Organizers then opened the discussion to attendees who were invited to give their thoughts on the subject.

A range of Older women for sex Decorah were discussed, from possible treatment options to prevention. Some suggested treating drug addiction by prescribing pharmaceutical products.

Ronald Naab, a member of the Heroine Task Force, and whose son is an addict, agreed. Executive Director Mary Simon express her thoughts regarding the lack of data that is available for researching the opioid epidemic in Washington County. Organizers placed posters womej the venue of people who are in recovery from the disease or who have died as a reminder to attendees about what is at stake.

Access to the medication is difficult. Part of the discussion focused fod preventative measures where Wisconsin Rep. Many have collected anecdotal evidence that have guided their decisions for implementing specific programs that prevent the onset of addiction, but few have measured the effectiveness. Then we need to target our Older women for sex Decorah around OxyContin. She said she is also interested in learning about the options interest them.

In total, the event presented the barriers to treatment and potential ideas for addressing the problem, but few sez solutions were introduced. To expect people to come up with solutions the first time they are hearing it, it is not realistic. It started with a sprained ankle and ended with several felony charges, losing an ex-girlfriend to an overdose and six months and four days in jail.

Now, with an apartment, a job and a reinstated license, the year-old musician immersed himself in treatment, has gotten involved with the Ozaukee County Heroin Task Force, has started a support meeting and works as an assistant manager at a sober living house.

During September, Older women for sex Decorah and thousands of other recoveries will be celebrated through National Recovery Month, which raises awareness of mental and substance use disorders, celebrates individuals in long-term recovery Ottawa, Ontario free phone chat acknowledges the work of prevention, treatment and recovery support services.

The survey found that 2. The Ozaukee County organization connects Older women for sex Decorah to substance abuse prevention and intervention resources, like support and recovery groups.

Halula said recovery month highlights that there are a lot of people in recovery, which can be from Older women for sex Decorah substance that has mind-altering or damaging effects. SAMHSA said it celebrates recovery much like people celebrate improvements for other health conditions like hypertension, diabetes and asthma.

For Pospichal, recovery is freedom. Pospichal said it was fear that brought him Phone sex no Consort, Alberta ladys of that trap, but it was determination that kept him away.

There are many types of recovery, Halula said, and while it often Older women for sex Decorah working a program or attending treatment and support groups, he said it also requires being honest with oneself.

In a press release recognizing National Recovery Month, Starting Point encouraged people to educate themselves and others about the signs to look for in friends, Older women for sex Decorah and coworkers.

These include a decline in performance, poor attendance at work or school or sudden changes in behavior or personality. The press release also encouraged asking doctors to actively screen and diagnose dependence and addiction and asking employers to help make treatment available.

A number of treatment and recovery resources for mental and Older women for sex Decorah use disorders are available in Ozaukee County and can be found through the Wisconsin Department of Health Services or by visiting www.

The proclamation coincided with International Overdose Awareness Day. At the event, 60 butterflies were released to represent the 60 confirmed drug-related deaths in the county last year.

A butterfly sits on the wrist of Rachael Older women for sex Decorah. There were several speakers, including Jennifer Dorow, chief judge of the Third Administrative District, who explained the importance of Drug Treatment Court in the county.

Judge Jennifer Dorow holds one of 60 butterflies in preparation for release. One of the first people to pass successfully through Waukesha County Drug Treatment Court also spoke. Paul Page was present when his best friend overdosed in November of Both of them were charged Older women for sex Decorah possession and Page was sent to Drug Treatment Court. Older women for sex Decorah described how he received tough love from the judge who presided over his case, but it was just what he needed.

Christine Howard, County Board supervisor, has also been personally affected by the opioid epidemic. She lost a brother in and has also lost a nephew. The last speaker of the morning, Farrow pulled out the official proclamation naming Aug. He said the goal of the proclamation is simple: The county Adult want hot sex Averill Vermont received a new grant from a State Targeted Response to the crisis, which will further allow officials to look at affected communities.

Waukesha County has been focused on fostering community level action by training citizens how to use Narcan, developing rapid community response projects such as health department surveys Older women for sex Decorah expanding use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring program. MILWAUKEE — As the war against the recent spike in overdose deaths from heroin, opioids and other drugs continues, a countywide panel devoted to exploring prevention options is considering a new tactic - suing drug companies.

Michael McNett, a pain management physician with Aurora Health Care, lays some of Older women for sex Decorah blame in the overdose crisis at the doors of drug manufacturing companies. The state and federal court systems have traditionally sided with drug manufacturers in past attempts to file lawsuits against the companies, though the tide has slowly begun turning, according to a handful of local medical professionals.

Bevan Baker Photo supplied. A cross section of persons sits on the task force. Francis Mayor CoryAnn St. The task force, convened Older women for sex Decorah this year as overdose statistics continued to rise, also includes a number of other persons in an effort to provide as broad a perspective as possible. Michael Macias, a former heroin addict, pulled Older women for sex Decorah a chair on the panel more recently.

Although there have been signs of hope, Macias, from his first hand experience, said he remains concerned about the spike in overdose deaths in recent years. Macias said he considers himself fortunate to have not succumbed to his addiction. Macias also spoke openly of a recent encounter he had with a physician as he was recovering from an accident. This is the essence of a true emergency. Baker said the expertise from the medical community is valuable as next steps are pursued.

While results from lawsuits Porno free chat Keene drug manufacturers have been spotty, the task force in its recent discussion remains open to potentially considering it as an avenue to curtailing overdose statistics.

Other ongoing efforts Chat online with horny women from California have been discussed are the partnerships municipalities have forged with pharmacy giants CVS and Walgreens to serve as drop-off centers for unused medications.

The task force meets about once per month. Its most recent gathering was Aug. Naloxone training offered for families of opiate users Freeman Staff Aug. The training will cover the use of the medication naloxone, which can save the lives of opiate users. Horny married women chat men will take place on the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.

Capitol Drive, Suite For more information callextensionor email familyserviceshc gmail. A drug and alcohol treatment center in Oconomowoc? After a marathon public comment period and a aldermanic discussion that was at times contentious, the council approved the first readings related to the rezoning of the area in an effort to accommodate the rehabilitation business, known as The Ladders Recovery Community.

One reading would rezone the 5. Capitol Drive from industrial to a general commercial district. The other would change the land use designation for the parcel to a general commercial district. A drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility might be coming to this building at W. Capitol Drive in Oconomowoc. Should The Ladders Recovery Community be built, Jacob Jansen, a recovering drug addict himself, would operate the business as executive director.

Jansen owns sober living facilities for women in other communities. Many people — perhaps more than in any public comment period at a council meeting this year — spoke in favor of the rehabilitation facility Tuesday night. Most seemed to have been impacted by drug or alcohol addiction, specifically opiate abuse.

Like several members of his family, Jacob Jansen spoke. He told the council that, should the zoning changes not pass, he feared the city would send the message that rectifying the heroin and opioid epidemic is not a priority in Waukesha County.

Oconomowoc High School counselor Scott Bakkum voiced his strong support for the facility. Bakkum said he personally knows of 15 Oconomowoc High School graduates who have overdosed, many of whom he said were in their 20s. Nearly everyone who took the podium spoke in favor of the zoning change. Nold went on Older women for sex Decorah add the council would be the group to consider the complicated variables at hand. Alderman Kevin Ellis jumped right in to voice his strong support. Alderman Jeff Schmidt said he favored what the facility would be bringing, but did have his worries.

He was also concerned with the size of the police department and how it would be impacted if Gates Tennessee adult xxx Ladders Recovery Community was created. City Planner Jason Gallo said the city followed statutes and sent public notices to the properties that needed to be notified. Alderman Tom Strey peppered Jansen with questions, one of which pertained to security.

Jansen said the residents will be living on the second and third floors and security cameras Sexy mature milfs in Fairfield Illinois be put on the floors, monitoring, registering and recording their movement from the facility.

He said the facility will be locked at various points and a curfew will be instituted. Strey questioned that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, causing loud, Older women for sex Decorah roars from the crowd.

One comment seemed to especially anger the crowd. The crowd softened up after comments from Alderman Lou Kowieski — applauding to the point that Nold had to pound the gavel. Kowieski said he was strongly considering voting against the resolutions before the Older women for sex Decorah, but the events of the meeting changed his mind. Older women for sex Decorah time, he won the crowd over by exclaiming he would, despite the wishes of many constituents, be voting in favor of changing the zoning ordinance.

After a few more quick comments, the council settled in and voted to approve the first readings on both items related to rezoning. The groups formed then by the or so Older women for sex Decorah who came to work at the second summit were medical education; policy and advocacy; community education; treatment; and law enforcement.

The Task Force Women seeking sex Canmer Kentucky refined its direction with specific projects and programs currently underway. Johnson said the task force is working on community education and support as much as possible, to encourage people to be aware and open.

She showed a painting during the County Board update that had been done some years earlier by a high school student; the painting included a syringe, an injection sore and other indicators of drug use. The student survived an Lonely mature house wifes Thailand on a couple years later. The most recent success of these efforts is the Hidden in Plain Sight demonstration. The Heroin Task Force built the simulation, designed for members of the public to go through, looking for the signs and learning what to look for.

There are about 40 indicators planted in the mock-bedroom. Johnson said that all the items planted in the room were purchased online from Amazon. The Hidden in Plain Sight room is next scheduled to be available in October, when it will be set up in conjunction with another Heroin Task Force project, an educational lecture Horney married want ebony pussy Hidden in Plain Sight will be set up in conjunction with the lectures in the Ozaukee Pavilion building on the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds in Cedarburg, with the demonstration available for Older women for sex Decorah from 6 p.

Johnson also told the County Board that the task force has been working Older women for sex Decorah support infrastructure for those in addiction recovery, establishing more support groups and coming up with transportation resources for those who need support groups but have no means to get to them.

Last Friday, students from schools in Milwaukee and Ozaukee counties wrapped up a six-week program that had them learning about the drugs that bind proteins in order to find or create new ways to address the opioid abuse crisis. Abby Arnholt of Cedarburg was part of a team of high school students who studied ways to prevent individuals Older women for sex Decorah becoming dependent on opioids. She did the work as part of a six-week-long program run by a Concordia University Wisconsin Pharmacy School professor.

Older women for sex Decorah CTSI Stars Initiative is a year strategic, comprehensive and community-focused effort that seeks to replenish and increase diversity in the translational science workforce. This coming Friday, teams from both programs will gather at the Medical College of Wisconsin to present their research findings. One CUW team will share its efforts to make more potent antagonists to help patients recover from an opioid overdose — similar to Narcan, only more powerful.

Students from Older women for sex Decorah team will share their efforts to make kappa receptors, which can act as antagonists or blockers, and could be useful for treating other widely abused drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine. Abby Arnholt of Cedarburg and her team will present their efforts to develop a new class of delta opioid receptor antagonists that would prevent a person from becoming dependent on opioids Hotel fun this evening the first place.

Such agents have been shown to block the rewarding effects of morphine in mice, though FDA-approved agents are lacking. Bryan Roth at the University of North Carolina, to test their effectiveness.

The results could play a role in altering mainstream medication administration. It will be open Wednesday, Thursday Older women for sex Decorah Friday from 2 p. According to the press release, there are about 40 warning signs hidden in the room. It is open to those Older women for sex Decorah and older. The Heroin Task Force took on building a Hidden in Plain Sight exhibit as one of its three main initiatives this year.

Members of the task force volunteered to design, organize and construct it. Ozaukee County has used a Hidden in Plain Sight room before; one of the mock teenage bedrooms was in Port Washington last year for an event, on loan from Washington County. Using that experience as a model, the Heroin Task Force undertook creating their own to increase use and availability of the demonstration for local initiatives and events. Information from the Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department indicates there were 56 drug-related hospitalizations and alcohol-related hospitalizations in Ozaukee County during The other two initiatives of the task force this year are creating an educational lecture and speaker series and increasing availability of support to those in recovery.

To learn more about the Heroin Task Force, go to www. Hot lady wants sex tonight Sheffield losing her yearold daughter to a heroin overdose last year, Jessica McConkey is advocating to remove the stigma of drug addiction within the community.

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