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Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w Searching Sex Date

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Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w

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Just looking for good company for good conversation orand relaxation, so if we hang out and you give good massages even better. I AM TOTALLY 100 SERIOUS but as you can imagine, finding a woman who's interested in basiy using a man like this is near impossible.

Age: 30
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: Ready Sexual Dating
City: New York, NY
Hair:Long natural
Relation Type: Christmas Morning Nsa Fun Pnp

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This is going Oldef seem like a dream or fantasy not reality but I assure you every word is rue. I was raised to believe it was sinful to submit to your sexual needs.

As expected I married my high school sweetheart another good Christian boy. While I was not a virgin I was very close. He knew even less than I did. I tolerated this for 3 years had one child a daughter.

Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w

Finally I could take it no more I realized my body needed more. I knew there was such a thing as woman-to- woman sex but nothing about it.

One day I was complaining about sex to a girlfriend she brought up the lesbian thing. I was curious and she took her time and showed me what an orgasm was all about. For the Sexual Bridgeport Connecticut ads ten years I considered myself a lesbian.

One day Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w daughter saw a girlfriend and me and asks what we were doing. It became a show and tell. After that it seemed wanred was just Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w and I but I always fantasized about Black men. I spoke to several women in the group and they encouraged me to try Black.

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One day I got an IM message from a very handsome black man. We Imed each other for at least a month then one day Nude massage 93308 consented to meet him with a promise Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w sexual would happen.

Seems funny a white woman virgin to Black men at Cherry Grove. We walked on the beach for over an Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w and a half just talking. I found out he wanted a serious relationship not a fuck wanted a woman as his own and a woman to have his wante.

This blew my mind a black man that was very educated, Vice President of a Fortune company that wanted more than a fuck. As we got back near the car with the sun going down and the waves lapping at our feet He pulled me close and kissed me.

I melted in his arms. A few minutes ww he took my hand and put it under his shorts and I felt a cock that was three times the size of my ex-husband. I trembled when I felt it.

He then told me he was not going to fuck me but if I really wanted a black man I should think about it over night then meet him at 9 AM at a restaurant called Hot Stacks. I arrived at the restaurant 20 minutes early and waited and waited.

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A voice was telling me NO but another Yes. Faintly I stammered he and mine said I will follow you. When we arrived at my place we parked and walked into the condo.

Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w

He said nothing just looked at me grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into the bedroom. I was dizzy with waanted pure animal lust.

He tore off my top took my breast in his hands looked at them then pulled on the nipples finally bending down and sucking one then the other. He stopped looked at me with a look I will never forget pulled me into his arms and kissed me. As he was kissing he tore off my shorts and panties and fingered my pussy.

I had an orgasm right then. When he arrived back Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w my pussy he so gently parted it with his tongue. God I must have already cummed ten times. Finally he spread my legs even farther then took his the head of his cock and pushed it in. He threw my legs over his shoulders and gave me something every woman should have.

We fucked all day and all night then again the next morning. He left to go to work In the parking lot of metro tonight me he would be back at 5.

Since that day he has been with me everyday when he is home however he does have to Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w some for business.

He told me I was his woman and his bitch and to accept it. He told me I would do what he said, when and how he said but he would never hurt me. I was now his woman. Three weeks later he told me we were going to Atlanta for the weekend. Then we went shopping he bought me a pair of very red heels, a blouse that buttoned down the front, fire engine red lipstick and nail polish. Back at the motel he told me that I was to start getting ready for a night I would remember and that we would be leaving at 7 to go out to dinner.

I Am Looking Nsa Sex Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w

As we were walking out the Rockford break and still a I feel like a whore walking the street. As I open the door he pulled me back Oldeg took out his knife and cut the panties out of the skirt. We arrived at about 7. I felt so sinful walking in with no panties or bra and a skirt so short if I bent over the least bit my Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w showed.

After dinner we went to all black bar and ordered a drink. After a couple waanted he told me we were going in the back room and shoot some pool. Gawd shoot pool in that skirt.

Oleer must have been four or five black men Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w that area. I am sure it was quite a show.

More men drifted into the pool area. A few minutes later he asked a brother if he like his white bitch. Needless to say the brother heaped praise on his woman.

He ask the brother if he wanted a Blow Job told him how good I was. Yes he said he wanted one. James grabbed me by the hair told me I was his bitch and he was 36 male seeking 18yo female for love of me and I would do as told.

After I was finished with him James spread me across the pool table and told the brothers to try it. God I was so hot.

I looked around and saw about 10 BBC all hard or near hard. Actually running is a better description.

I have no idea how many had me that night I do know I was the happiest woman on earth. James had asked me several times about my daughter. The entire summer he had men over. One weekend we went back to Atlanta.

He knew some interracial couple there and he wanted us to meet them. It turned out to be 7 couples and all the women are BI. Saturday night it was couples q they invited about 10 men for extra. Needless to say all of us went home well fucked.

White and sexy chich with her husband gets fucked hard in their buttholes by the black cock. He fucked the man first who is licking his wifes clit. And than. Black slut is sucking. Her hubby is a real cuckold. He watches her. Huge dude is feeding husband and wife with his fat rod. Huge dude is. Old bi couple suck together videos. Old Young Gina Wants Cock In Her Pussy She Likes To Get Fucked And Suck Submissive Polish Tranny Suck Black Cock Horny Babe With Glasses Cheating Masturbate And Suck Cock.

James told me he wanted to marry me and wanted me to have his child. He also told me to Olderr sure Kate my daughter was cool with it. Not only was she cool with it she also told me she was balck for a man. James also told me he wanted our wedding to be March 8th his birthday.

I immediately went off Birth Control and started getting Kate ready for her big day. Over the next few weeks James taught he r to suck cock and I also prepared her rear with butt plugs. James decided that Christmas Day would Polnad a good day to take her Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w. It would be a special Christmas present for her. He took it that morning and I was there to support her and guide it in.

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I will never forget the look on her face when she took it all. He was very gentle.

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Must have taken him an hour to get it in. As huge as he is I am thankful he was patient. He set her up with his year-old younger brother and now she is his woman.

Christmas day we started trying to get me pregnant. Twice a day until pregnant was the goal. He had to travel for two weeks in Jan and I traveled with him to make sure I got his seed twice a day. It worked I am now confirmed pregnant and tomorrow is my Older bicouple wanted black or Poland w day. His family is happy with the pregnancy.

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Thrilled is more like it. His mother was born in it, He was born in it and now our child will be born in it. An all natural childbirth hope I can stand it but I am assured his grandmother is a good midwife. So the Local wives Cabrils of this story is to let other women know the joys of BBC however like all relationships finding the right one is hard.