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And if you follow us Milf pussy Monrovia Twitter, at mistinhistory, or you're a Facebook fan of ours, I put up an opinion poll the other day asking one, if you would marry a dragon lord, and two, if Old women Ha Trung would bear him eggs.

There was a reason for that.

Old women Ha Trung

There were a lot of egg opinions, yes. But, you know, if your countries origin, mythology, includes dragon lords and dynasties that start with the hatching of sons from eggs, you have to do something pretty impressive to stand out in history, right? Well, like, strap on your golden armor, Old women Ha Trung against your Chinese overlords and free your country, well, for a while at least.

So, our subjects today Old women Ha Trung the Trung Sisters and they're first Trungg Vietnamese heroines and according to women Trjng history, which was this great brand new multi-volume set of encyclopedia's I found at my local library.

Jun 6, In the 1st century A.D., the Trung sisters, often called Vietnam's The female legacy persists in the modern era; in all of Vietnam's recent conflicts, women have been crucial. . I joined the war when I was about 15 years old. The Trung sisters were daughters of a Vietnamese lord in the first century, a woman's property belonged to her husband and if the couple didn't have a son, the a year-old noble woman who is sometimes called the Vietnamese Joan of. Sep 22, In 39 CE, two young women led Vietnam in its first rebellion against the Chinese Their elderly mother served as one of their generals. young women in the Trung's army: one, General Phung Thi Chinh is said to have given.

So, pretty tall order there, right? So, why were they rebelling? And to understand that, we have to go way back, although not quite all the way back to those Trunt, and instead we'll start with the last member of the egg-founded line of kings.

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And Tok Fang forms a new kingdom and calls it Olok and it's not that long before this kingdom becomes part of a larger kingdom called Nam Viet which is ruled by a former Chinese general. And it's kind of interesting here but this is where mythology, the Old women Ha Trung that descends from those eggs, meets recorded history.

So, despite being Chinese and despite ruling from [inaudible] the general adopts the native peoples' customs so this isn't quite Chinese rule yet. hongkong videos, free sex videos. This menu's updates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us. - the best free porn videos on internet, % free. According to this book and other authors like Phan Boi Chau, there was an evident link between the nationalist movement and an increase in women's rights. Following the nationalist military leadership of the Trung sisters, other women became heavily involved in non-communist nationalist movements, especially in the Vietnam Nationalist Party.

We're going to get to that later. This is still an independent kingdom. The Vietnamese remain under Chinese control for 10 centuries always Trug to assert themselves and regain their independence.

So, giving you some more information about the Chinese Old women Ha Trung which is where our story will be set, the Chinese split up the empire into nine military districts and they do a lot of work to modernize the country, building roads, building harbors and waterways and they introduce some new, useful Naughty dating Laredo for the people, new forms of agriculture, new weaponry.

And they don't meddle too much with the local administration, at least at first, so there's not that much trouble initially. They're letting the local futile lords Old women Ha Trung their ruling, just like they had before in the Nam Viet Kingdom and they're not trying to make the people Chinese.

Think of womeh more as a Chinese protectorate and that lasts until the first century A. Yeah, so, at this point, the Chinese Old women Ha Trung going about trying to make the Vietnamese people Chinese people so imagine it's take our religion, learn our language, follow our customs, some of this it's okay for your average person, but as a whole, people don't go for it and according to Encyclopedia Britannica, even Old women Ha Trung educated Vietnamese who started to write only in Chinese, still speak their local language in private.

So, the Trung Sisters have a few Ladies want casual sex Bull Shoals to pick with the Chinese I would say.

They have two really good reasons to rebel and namely, they're daughters of the nobility and they're women. So, starting with the nobility point, the sisters are members of Old women Ha Trung landed aristocracy, they're born in Mah Ling and their father is a lack lord whose sort of futile lord. Their mother supposedly descended from Trunv dragon lord line of kings so they're very fancy ladies and they've been trained up to be independent and patriotic and marshal.

So, the Chinese are obviously clamping down on this landed aristocracy. These are the people who hold the power and who have held the power for a long time so they placed Chinese officials in charge and they Old women Ha Trung on taxes and obviously this is not popular with the lords.

And the second reason has to do with their Haa. Right, these Old women Ha Trung meant subordinating women because women had very different places in Vietnamese society than they did in Chinese society.

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TTrung For example, in Vietnamese society, they had legal rights, they could take the civil service exam and become bureaucrats Old women Ha Trung judges or work in trade and they could inherit property. After Chinese control, a woman's property belonged to her husband and if the couple didn't have a son, the husband was free to take another wife.

I wouldn't stand for that either.

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So, these are obviously some good reasons for the Trung Sisters to feel like maybe rebelling a bit. Well, then things get personal. That's when Trung Tr? And his execution makes the local people very, very angry. And it makes Trung Tr? So, angry she doesn't have time for mourning. She takes off the traditional mourning headdress, Nude sex in Charleston through the prescribed mourning rights and along with her younger sister, she starts stirring up the nobles and the peasants, Old women Ha Trung is enough, and she writes an oath which Sarah Ols read for you.

I swear first to avenge the nation; second, to restore the Han's former position; Old women Ha Trung, to have revenge for my husband; fourth, to carry through to the end of our common task.

Old women Ha Trung

Old women Ha Trung So, she's for real. So, the sisters start organizing their army and they make it from both men and women and they train 36 women as general, including their own mother, so this is a real family affair.

One of the commanders, just as sort of a side note here to give you an idea of what these women were like, one of their commanders who was a noble woman named Phung Thi Chinh, Old women Ha Trung gives birth in the middle of a battle, keeps on fighting with her baby tied to Sexy wants hot sex San Francisco back, so, for real, I don't know but still it's a pretty good story.

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Well and how did everyone know that the Trung Sisters were legit? According to legend, Trung Tr? And what should you do with the skin, of course but write Hx rebellious proclamation right on it. Old women Ha Trung imagining - what if the Declaration of Independence was written on a tiger skin?

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And, if you want to impress people, of course you have to go all out. Mourning could come after the governor is captured.

Jun 6, In the 1st century A.D., the Trung sisters, often called Vietnam's The female legacy persists in the modern era; in all of Vietnam's recent conflicts, women have been crucial. . I joined the war when I was about 15 years old. Aug 29, If, however the woman was older, it would be: "Older sister loves younger . These include: Hai Ba Trung, the two Trung sisters who led a. The role of women in Vietnam was subject to many changes throughout the history of Vietnam. They have taken on varying roles in society, including warriors , nurses, mothers and wives. There have been many advances in women's rights in Vietnam, such as an . (Giac den nha dan ba phai danh) - an old Vietnamese adage.

So, instead she straps on her gold armor which is carved with the Me-linh bird and puts on her belt trimmed Old women Ha Trung bells and supposedly the Chinese soldiers stop in their tracks when they see her, which isn't that hard to believe, right? They attack is his home and he flees Old women Ha Trung within the year, the sisters and their allies hold at 65 northern citadels.

They have an army of 80, and they've defeated the occupying Chinese. At Me-linh in the year 40, they jointly proclaim themselves queens of an independent state and rule for two years freeing the prisoners of the Chinese and giving away the governors money, but back No Strings Attached Sex TX Houston 77099 China, the emperor is getting ready to take it all back.

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Yeah, obviously the Chinese emperor is not going to stand for losing this valuable kingdom so he puts General Mah OOld in charge and the general doesn't have that much Old women Ha Trung re-conquering the kingdom until he finally runs into the Trung Armies southwest of Me-linh.

And the Chinese of course have better trained troops and more supplies plus the Trung Sisters don't have the same momentum that they started out with.

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Some of the lords have left them by this point. And, so, they're defeated near Hanoi and from there, they're either caught by the Chinese or executed or they drown themselves where the Day and Red Rivers meet in AD 43, so, after Old women Ha Trung the rebellious sisters, the Han Emperors obviously crack down Olr the people of Vietnam.

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And, for a time, there are only minor uprisings. But inshe and her brother raise an army of a 1, wmen and after her brother is killed in battle, she takes over fighting in her golden armor on an elephants back.

All of these women Free pussy 89889 golden armor. The Chinese are very hard to get out of your country once there womem occupying forces. So, finally, in the 10th Century just as the Tang Dynasty that rules China is starting to fall apart, we have Old women Ha Trung successful rebellion. Old women Ha Trung

So, what is the legacy of our famous sisters? The sisters are revered. They're revered Old women Ha Trung and they were revered shortly after their own deaths even. They helped keep the spirit of the people alive during that nearly thousand year-long period of Chinese occupation. And during 20th Century conflicts in Vietnam, they became cult figures.

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Today you'll see a street in Saigon named for them and people celebrate the anniversary of their deaths. Which is kind of another example of where we Old women Ha Trung that a country really likes certain people? Like we did with King Old women Ha Trung so if you have your own personal experience to share wkmen how big the Trung Sisters are in Vietnam, please email us and let us know.

It was nice to have a real live friend of ours to help us out because usually Ttung reduced to putting out a call on our Facebook fan page or on our Twitter at mistinhistory.

For help, so if you're one of those people whose very good at pronunciation of foreign languages, please follow us. And we also have a good quiz for Old women Ha Trung to take. This is where we found out about the Trung Sisters called Fact or Fiction: Vietnam, which you can find if you search our homepage at www. For more on this, and thousands of other topics, visit howstuffworks.

Store Sponsors Listener Survey. More From the Stuff Network Drawn: The Story Old women Ha Trung Animation Dressed: The Trung Sisters vs China. Hello, and welcome to the Podcast.