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I Look For Dating Movie night i need a snuggler

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Movie night i need a snuggler

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Virgin hole here. Waiting for a laid back woman to meet for drinks and maybe more tonight.

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Molly and Grace binge watch episodes of whatever series has caught their tween attention. But every so often we manage to Movke together and have a family movie night. Maggie never fully commits but flits in and out like a fairy.

This summer when I had a concussion, I initially had to go radio silence on any screens but after a few days Anuggler could manage a movie and little else. Summer was perfect for movie nights, with later bedtimes and no school pressures.

So on the Thanksgiving weekend, I declared a mandatory family movie night. With snacks Movie night i need a snuggler those soft Indigo blankets I get suckered into every winter.

I buy them as Christmas gifts.

Not one has left the house successfully because my family has no self control to keep themselves from rolling in them the moment it comes home. On at least one occasion it was baptised by slobber and goldfish crackers on the way home from the store, when I made the mistake of leaving it unsupervised in the back seat.

The blankets transform from a considerate gift of indulgence to a passive aggressive Pinterest fail when the fur blanket is coated in tape both Scotch and ductcheetos pompoms, and a Movie night i need a snuggler sock.

Come to think of it, I do have a few people on my list that totally have that level of gift coming to them. We watched the movie Holes this weekend because Molly had read the book recently and loved it, and she highly recommended the movie.

The movie is about kids sent to a work camp in the desert that have to dig giant holes in the dirt every day while dodging killer lizards. Make sure to check out my giveaway for a 3-month free Netflix subscription!

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