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Laid back black looking for sweet Bahamas woman

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My deal with my son was he could pick a one-week trip to anywhere he wanted within his Christmas break schedule from college; yes, sadly he goes to college. I would cover hotel and his airfare, but food and all other incidentals would be his responsibility. The Atlantis resort was his choice after I presented him with some options, then he recruited three of his college buddies to join him.

That way Laid back black looking for sweet Bahamas woman he hangs out with them I can go off and do things on my own, which is the way I usually like it on big trips like this.

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We do all hang out sometimes. My son and I share a room and his three buddies are in another one on a separate floor. I expected the resort here to womsn chock-full of hot, available chicks. Well, I was dead wrong.

This resort is full of families and couples. There are plenty of hot chicks here but they all have a boyfriend or husband closely attached to them. Most of the younger couples here are newlyweds. Frankly, the husbands have that just-married twinkle too. Hey, I was married once, and I do admit that getting married does make you very, very happy…for about two years.

At one point I was playing blackjack in the casino with a cute gor Laid back black looking for sweet Bahamas woman from Houston. As I started working my magical powers her father sat down next to us.

So eventually I just forgot about it and relaxed, which, as I sometimes have to remind myself, is the purpose of a vacation. I just finished some very successful online dating blitzes so my sexual calendar will be quite full when I get back home. However at Arabic adult finder aine point the guys all blakc me to join them at some of the local joints in town.

Swwet same goes for black women from the Laid back black looking for sweet Bahamas woman versus black women from the U. This all makes for some very exotic, and sometimes very attractive combinations.

I love big asses, and these asses just bqck out and punch you in the face. So long story short, as the guys were eating their chicken and conch fritters, I started talking to two younger Bahamian chicks. I respond by telling her she needs xweet come back to the resort with me. I tell her to meet me back here at 8pm tomorrow, and she agrees. When she leaves my son is very quiet Laid back black looking for sweet Bahamas woman a wry smile on his face.

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His three buddies look at me with Laid back black looking for sweet Bahamas woman. In the end she did indeed show up at 8pm the following night, although with her ugly friend again. After some wrangling to loking her to dump her, finally she did so, and cutie Arkansas teen females sext number and I went back to the resort and it was game on.

I spent the rest of the evening in younger-woman, big-ass heaven. Something every man should do, by the way. HIV is a swert more prevalent down here than in the U. My son was going to be out until 3am or so as usual, so I had the room to myself. As a matter of fact, when I told her that the first night I met her, her Lajd eyes went wide.

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As is usually the foor, the plurality of people here are not Americans. A few Asians but not many, which I suppose makes sense; we are very, very far from Asia. We got every TING! Like Ocean Drive in Miami, everything here is Laid back black looking for sweet Bahamas woman to rip your ass off. Before you ask, no, Atlantis is not an all-inclusive resort.

Now those are awesome. Since I hate to spend money, I did what I always do on long trips like this. The first day I went into town and found a local grocery store, looking for a gallon of drinking water plus some cottage cheese and yogurt.

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They had drinking water but not the other two items. I borrowed a spoon from one of the Casual Hook Ups Bailey Michigan 49303 restaurants, so once a day I just hammer open one Bahsmas my cans of chili and Laid back black looking for sweet Bahamas woman my lunch.

The cheese I keep in the wet bar for a treat at night. Hey, it is a vacation after all. I am going to eat some good food. Though I looked odd, my son and his buddies followed suit once they saw what I had done. They looked funny once they cooked the noodles and realized they had no utensils.

Four college guys eating noodles with their hands…ah, to be young.

One day I teamed up with a group of little Mexican kids and we went down the same high-speed intertube slide over and over again.

When one of the kids got tired I encouraged him to join us one more time. A psychologist might say it must be something about growing up poor and not being able to do this stuff when Sweeg was a kid.

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Whatever, water slides kick ass, and I never get tired of doing them. Most adults go down once or twice with their kids, and then sit on their asses all day by the pool, but not me. Me and Lady seeking nsa La Salle Mexican kids got all pissed when they closed them down at 5pm. Lots of very nice yachts here. Still figuring out the particulars. More on this later. Everywhere here they have pools full of sharks and manta rays.

I wonder what would happen if one of the little kids here fell into Laid back black looking for sweet Bahamas woman of these pools? A word about traveling with children. This entire trip, from the hotels, to the planes, to the beaches, to the resorts, I see all these families with screaming babies.

What the fuck people?

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Why would you completely ruin your expensive trip by bringing your damn baby? Well, no shit Sherlock. Look, I speak from congruence here.

When my daughter was a baby, we did not step foot on an airplane with her until she was well into three years old. We either went on airplane trips without her or we went on vacation with her in a car.

I must be a genius. Why did we do this? Because Laid back black looking for sweet Bahamas woman like to be happy, and being on vacation with a god damn baby makes you miserable. Please do us all a favor, and yourself a favor, and keep them home or bacck on a road trip instead.

Is that too much to ask? I like fake tits. Did I say I like fake tits?

Bring wooman the silicone. Speaking of how chicks look in swimsuits, I have to say something about tattoos.

Tats are currently a fad. You know, that huge horizontal tat those goes right above their ass?

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That was really in style… about 10 years ago. Over the next two decades or so, multiply this by about a million. Not that they care.

Women are very present-focused creatures. Then you just walk around with the sharks. Sharks only eat when hungry unlike animals like dogs, which eat constantly as long as there is food availableLaid back black looking for sweet Bahamas woman the resort just over-feeds these sharks so they never get hungry. The lead shark tried Lincroft NJ bi horny wives take me on, so I put him in a headlock and elbowed him in the face.

Twice I tried to touch the sharks but the diver guides got pissed and gave me the no-no sign. By the way, when you get a good look at a shark up close, they just look evil as hell.

Most people think snakes or bats look evil. Nope, they have nothing on sharks.

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Those evil yellow Sauron eyes, damn. Talk about an outcome independent animal. Lots of married guys here means lots of beta males. The other day as I was playing at the blackjack tables I was talking to a young guy next to me, about 25 years old. Nice guy, having a great time. Suddenly he looks up in horror. I Housewives wants hot sex Annetta North his gaze to see his very hot but very angry wife pushing a baby stroller another one Laid back black looking for sweet Bahamas woman these stupid families traveling with a baby!

She had this monstrous glare on her face. Stop playing right now and go get dressed!