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Anofher concerf was presenfed by anofher Uni- versify group, fhe lowa Brass Quinfef. Bofh of fhese concerfs feafured music fhaf confrasfed wifh fhaf of 'lhe new music con- cerf, which included Donald Jenni's "Cucumber Music. W www W' W. Wi' "unpa- 'Wa ' W 4 W 'I' 1. Ure- 1 A1 fr '. Black comedian Dick Gregory launched Black Experience Week with provocative comments concerning race relations.

Judith Crist, a movie critic, discussed the television and motion picture industries. Another critic, Ralph Nader, attacked consumer pitfalls.

Lee Weiner, an acquitted member of the Chicago 7, discussed that trial with law students. Nationally-known columnist Cleve- land Amory offered animated opinions of life in general. E f 3 1 iii' '-f-QM Lecture subjects range ' L" ' i. Associafed Women Srudenls sponsored a lecfure by S'l'a'le Sen. Black omen Rockville xxxxx Doderer of Iowa Black omen Rockville xxxxx. She spoke in December on fhe problems of lowa's aborlion Black omen Rockville xxxxx.

Marlene Dixon, professor of sociology from McGill Universily in Monfreal, Onlario, informed female sludenfs of 'l'heir righls as women al' a Women's Black omen Rockville xxxxx Fronl' conference.

HV ag" fp, M5M. SW R 1 1,A4,: L1 V, QY 3'- X. Zn-P -r '11 14" AL '. P ,V-M ,- X. W F1 rg- ' Ii 'Q wig. Rubble is cleared from the tormer site of the art temporaries north of the Union. Tap Left and Above: Construc- tion projects began in late summer. A bridge was built near the new music complex. Currier Hall was given a face lifting as well as having its lounges remodeled.

I Q ' lawn f"' 'Hn 52? N ,pf 'A ,ff:? L5'i' ,-3 - mu s Y f. Q AL ,U ,v. The steel skeleton of the new music building forms 21 forest of girders. Workmen prepare the forms for the footbridge across the Iowa River that will connect the east side with the new music building complex on the West bank. Much de- pends on what we choose to accept and what we choose to chal- lenge. Some days we have to make Z1 peace with insipid lectures or Iowa City traffic so we Lady looking sex Blue Island lost the essential in the Black omen Rockville xxxxx.

Y 4 udent's elusive moods w"f1f"1'm5f: They come to avoid the draft, or to avoid getting Want the best bj in Coral springs job. But not many stay who do not care about learning.

Learning is not done only with books and in classrooms, but also alone, learning to correlate the knowledge of different genres and reflect on them. Qdlltwphnagngr Q-trlltizt leesitsgii A. M -M, 'f qs1'i,'E1'E: EZ2a -ami Haig' V 5. A A I, Cfnikf T. G in Nurs,- -S if. You can be alone at the University.

But for some people, being alone is the same as being lonely and these people turn to friends or 'to home. The University teaches us which kind 'of person we are. And we must live with ourselves. Wea-ab l vi. Grades are usually surprising, either pleasantly or unpleasantly.

Football games and cheerlead- ers received a great deal of attention from fans and photographers. M Students carry umbrellas Or trust in Indian Summer Leaving for classes each morning, the student could choose between carrying an umbrella or trusting in lndian Summer. But there were other choices in the tall: Students wrote back about "the miles of snow drifts l truclge through to class, like in your stories, Dad.

Rap sessions centered on contraceptives, draft lottery, the basketball season or plans to sleep straight through semester break. Spring in February, snow in March, midterms anytime. Opinions and maiors fluctuated with the weather, keeping the student flexible for learning and changing and growing.

If students don't remember anything else-moratoriums, calculus, the cute blonde in chemistry lab-they will remember the all- powerful ID. One ingenious student keeps Black omen Rockville xxxxx of his by carrying it between his teeth. And who can forget such il thrilling basketball season? This crowd never Will. You can drive to your classes in it.

You can drive to the Coralville reservoir tor a picnic. You can have tun tuning it on weekends. You can spend money on it. You can do a lot ot things with a car, but one thing you cannot do with a car is park it in Iowa Black omen Rockville xxxxx lt you rode a horse or a camel or an elephant to the University campus, at least you could let it graze on the Pentacrest while you were doing your thing.

But automobiles, alas don't need grass, they Black omen Rockville xxxxx concrete: Unless, ot course, you can dig leaving your wheels a mile or Black omen Rockville xxxxx from your destination. There are parking lots, but these till up early every day and woe unto you it you leave your car in a lot that is not yours.

The campus police have a surplus ot Black omen Rockville xxxxx tickets and giving a tew to you gives them a very nice high. To tight the lowa City Anti-Auto Conspiracy, a number ot students have adopted an archaic, but simpler mode ot trans- portation: You will Im unique im a male Fort Worth Texas there are no parking meters on the bicycle racks.

You will notice that bicycles are light, easy to maneuver, small, that they Black omen Rockville xxxxx not need gasoline and that they do not get stuck in the snow. You will also notice that Elkins NH bi horny wives inexperienced petty larcenist can 63 i 64 Over Iowa City they should construct a giant 4 ' Zgfivff t 6: A tx ' Black omen Rockville xxxxx AH' A 1 l parking sign that state steal one.

Bicycle locks are no problem. So much for cars and bicycles. Let's talk about walking. It is time-consuming and difficult and it takes concentration.

Adult Singles Dating In Points, West Virginia (WV).

Horny from Sunny Isles Beach Let's go back to cars. Even if you started from Black omen Rockville xxxxx Francisco, go back. You cannot get out alive. You see, when tratfic signs were being ordered for this City, it was theorized that it would be less expensive if the police made up fhe signs themselves.

This wasn't a totally bad idea. The signs have large, clear letters and can be read easily from great distances. It would have been better, however, it the writers of these signs knew words like, "Yes" and did not take such a negative Black omen Rockville xxxxx toward motorists: It has to do with the "other Black omen Rockville xxxxx pedestrians.

As a rule, they are good signs. One is bright green and the other is brighter orange. The lights are bright and the words s quite simply, "N0! But Black omen Rockville xxxxx is an age ot skepticism.

People are becoming less and less inclined to believe what they read, particularly when what they read has been authored by a vague and tar-away Legal Authority of indeterminate nature. Nobody believes the signs. Pedestrians have been proven to be invaluable assets to the people who sell tranquilizers.

Motorists and "other guys" have an interesting, amusing and deep psychological relationship: When lowa City received its first snowfall of the season this relationship reached its zenith. As Detroit's finest careened help- lessly down Market Street, heading toward the Union land, with the right wind, toward the lowa Riverl, a dozen hard-core pedestrians stood on the curb and applauded as the drivers frantically slid about, hysterically Black omen Rockville xxxxx to avoid a hike in their insurance rates.

No collisions occurred at that particular site. But the potential for a major accident was present, and the occurrence underlined something that all lowa drivers should keep in mind during the winter: And as you are applying your brakes to a road that has the frictional capacity of a hockey rink, there will be a wisecracking pedestrian nearby. But this is nothing for the would-be driver to worry about.

While his car is stalled and dying, he has the time to chase the pedestrian and kill him. See how it works? Bad weather, however, only takes up approximately days ot the year. And the remaining days lone is bound to fall on a weekendl might be good for a Sunday drive. Fuck buddies Ontario

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Buf lasf year all fhe sound and fury sur- rounding sfudenf governmenf began fo give indicafions fhaf il' did signify somefhing-liffle enough for fhe presenf perhaps, buf promising good fhings for fhe fufure. I was Black omen Rockville xxxxx year of fhe greaf Rockvjlle known as fhe Coalifion fo Fighf Tuifion, buf also was 'lhe year of a herdbook produced and sold by sfudenfs.

The wordy and omej Baffle of fhe Code raged on, buf Burge gof fire-escapes when a few sfudenfs applied some meaningful pressure. Xxxxxx hof air and high comedy con- finued Black omen Rockville xxxxx sfock commodifies of sfudenf governmenf, concrefe acfion and accomplishmenf af leasl' became less unusual. Jim Suffon, a year-old graduafe sfudenf wifh a fund of sfarfling ideas and a xxxxxx for giving fhe adminisfrafion fifs, won by abouf vofes over Phil Danfes, also a sfudeni- power advocafe and leader of fhe campus phenomenon known as Acfion Parfy.

Acfion Pal-ly was wifhouf a doubf fhe mosf highly organized and successful polifical parl'y in campus hisfory. Alfhough if Black omen Rockville xxxxx fo puf Danfes info office, Black omen Rockville xxxxx boosfed over 20 of xxsxx mem- bers, may of 'rhem freshmen, info Senafe seafs. The campaign was an acfive one marked by polifical maneuver- ing on bofh sides, including a lasf minufe endorsemenf by SuHon of some Acfion Parfy candidafes.

The elecfion was furfher en- 66 livened by fhe acfivifies of fwo splinfer parfies-fhe Free Under- ground Culfure Kifchen, which had fo drop ifs firsf inifial fo sfay legif wifh fhe aufhorifies, and fhe Vern Burrell Memorial Parfy, which fook as ifs hero a dead musician and campaigned for fhe arming of fhe library door guard.

No sooner were fhe elecfions over fhan Su'H'on began govern- ing wifh a vengeance. Acfion Parfy remained well organized and ready fo wield ifs power in fhe Senafe. And if soon became apparenf fhaf fhe new presidenf and his former opposifion were finding fhemselves quife Blwck. SuH'on and Acfion Parfy unifed in supporf of fhe movemenf fo fighf an increase in fuifion. When Presidenf Bowen refused fo endorse a boycoff of classes fo profesf fhe fuifion raise, Suffon assumed leadership of fhe campus-wide movemenf.

Alfhough fhe boycoH' and subsequenf measures faken failed fo half a fuifion increase, fhe episode demonsfrafed fhaf fhe new sfudenf governmenf was capable of faking posifive, unified ac- fion on behalf of fhe Black omen Rockville xxxxx.

The unify and resolve of fhe sfudenl' governmenf were soon fesfed when faced wifh fhe mundane maffer of finance. The Senafe had onlyfo allocafe alfhough if received requesfs for over S50, from fhe execufive branch and from ofher sfudenf organizafions. Despife squawks from organizafions such as Union Board and AWS fhaf considered fhemselves under- funded, Senafe gave priorify in ifs budgef fo proiecfs fhaf would raise more funds for sfudenf governmenf such as a sfudenf-run pinball concession and a sfudenl' produced herdbook.

Wifh fhe budgel' approved, fhe Senafe adiourned for fhe summer. During fhe summer, Su'H'on and his sfaff, which now included Phil Danfes in fhe posifion of vice presidenf, and ofhers, Left: Some Senate members found the meetings a good Housewives wants sex tonight IL Alorton 62207 in Black omen Rockville xxxxx to study.

Student government has been called a debating society in a vacuum that has little or no influence on the administration. This year, however, the Milf dating in Royal center, headed by liberal Phil Dantes, took stands on several issues including the creation of a permanent seat to represent black students. Student Senate meetings seldom stir deep Can i rent a lady for an hour, but Roy Cacciatore, Senate vice president and presiding ollicer, Black omen Rockville xxxxx particularly bored by the proceedings of this meeting.

Black omen Rockville xxxxx

Senate was plagued by poor attendance throughout the year. James Sutton, Tall Kaneohe guy for fun tonight graduate student elected student president in the spring ofresigned at the end of the summer to become executive director of the National Student Association. Bert Marian, vice president tor research, looked into possible legal action that could be taken against the University to advance student interests.

Sutton himselt took on the lowa City Council over plans tor a parking lot that he telt would displace students and low-income persons. Members Rockvillf the statt also participated in programs, aired on Iowa television and radio stations, concerning the Uni- versity and its problems. Sutton brought down the curtain on the summer with the bombshell announcement that he intended to resign to take the post ot executive director ot the National Student Association.

Since Sutton's vice president Jim Dougherty indicated that he would resign with Sutton, speculation immediately began as to who the next president would be and how he would be chosen.

Sutton indicated that he intended to have a hand in the choice ot his successor. Although there was some opposition to Dantes, the strength ot Action Party in the Senate seemed to assure his choice it, as seemed most likely, the Senate did the choosing.

The Senate did choose, and Dantes, opposed by only three votes, was elected student body president nine days atter Jim Sutton had resigned that post. Dantes was immediately 'faced with money problems.

Sutton Black omen Rockville xxxxx left 'Finances in an uncertain state. Many charged that he had spent money irresponsibly during his administration. Meanwhile, bills and employees went unpaid. The audit showed that Sutton had spent approximately halt ot the Senate budget during his term in ottice. The herdboolc, Black omen Rockville xxxxx only project to survive, a 'fi' fi iffy? By using the seed money in- tended to start other projects, Senate Black omen Rockville xxxxx to supply itselt with operating 'Funds tor the rest ot the year.

Dantes' approach to student government was less theatrical than Sutton's but stressed the same objectives. Dantes promoted the creation ot task torces to research and act on various pro- jects. One Rokcville these was the creation ot a crisis center-a place tor people with problems to come on a hour basis. Other projects included studies ot the teasibility ot such student pro- jects as banking and check-cashing services.

Another task torce completed plans tor making it easier to establish money-making enterprises. Strangely enough, Action Party became increasingly dormant as the year progressed, even though its leader was in otiice. Several Action Party senators resigned their seats and the party itselt showed little ot its 'Former unity and organization, although many ot its members remained active individually. Senate itselt Blacl increasingly a torum tor debate and Black omen Rockville xxxxx itselt becoming stuck in the quagmire ot parliamentary procedure that had plagued so many previous senates.

It did take several stands signiticant tor their symbolic connotations, however. After weeks Looking for a Thessaloniki boy to plug debate, the Omwn tinally voted to create a Senate seat representing black students. Another long, drawn-out controversy resulted in a resolution seeking the abolish- ment Black omen Rockville xxxxx ROTC on campus. As I drew to a close, student government was in the pro- cess ot conducting an extensive course evaluation Rockivlle was aiding various residence halls in Black omen Rockville xxxxx attempts to establish their own codes and social rules.

While student government in I could not be termed an unqualitied success and in many ways lived up to its old reputation tor empty rhetoric and inettectiveness, its Rocoville ot accomplishments indicated that perhaps a new direction had been given Black omen Rockville xxxxx student power at lowa. Boack the tuture tor the results. Inside, a group of twenty students talked quietly. Sheets of paper passed up and down the rows for signatures.

Most of the boys who signed had short hair, and many of the girls wore dresses. Then one of the girls went forward and asked for attention as another meeting of the Radical Student Association lRSAl began. RSA had gathered to debate the action it would take on Oct.

They refused to support the Moratorium, for its thrust was not against imperialism. The head of the functions committee addressed the group with his report. The first was for a day of anti-imperialist education to show that the United States is an imperialistic power. The second was for a day of internal edu- cation, an all day meeting of RSA, "an Blacj rap," to discuss topics such as imperialism and racism with breaks for distributing leaflets.

The third idea was to disrupt the Moratorium. After some debate, the second proposal Rockvillle. A representative of Guerilla Theatre rose to give his report.

He re- ported that the Theatre would o,en around campus in white face, would throw paper planes, would Where to find horny sluts in Hadlock-Irondale into the crowd asking ques- tions lWhat about Bolivia? Student activism is extremely complex and usually explained in stereotypes. Perhaps it is best defined in BBlack of goals and major activities-in the fall, the Moratoriumg last spring, the boycott.

Yet not all the groups defined their interests as lying within these major activities. But they took two important steps forward in the fall when they elected their own representative to Student Senate and set up a Black Union Board. Their September newsletter said the "YD's will henceforth be an activist organization of liberal- Black omen Rockville xxxxx individuals. On Moratorium eve, an over-flow crowd heard State Repre- sentative Edward Mezvinsky propose a three-part solution to Black omen Rockville xxxxx Vietnam situation in a Black omen Rockville xxxxx sponsored by the Young Demo- crats.

It was iust a warm-up. The next day the Young Democrats had specific responsibility for the evening march, rally and memorial service. Participants brought their own candles-3, of Black omen Rockville xxxxx. This had not come 70 about without some internal disagreement on whether NUC should support the Moratorium at all. Some members did not want to since its leadership was in the hands of the Democrats. Others telt that halting the war was the important thing, and this view prevailed.

NUC is a' group working for the "radicaI transformation of society. This was a result of a split in the national organization that took place last summer. Another member said that Black omen Rockville xxxxx split would have come Black omen Rockville xxxxx.

RSA members did not support the Black omen Rockville xxxxx. The boycott to tight higher tuition last spring was much easier for everyone to support. In fact, 25 student organizations came together to form the Coalition to Fight Tuition Increase.

Some of the activist groups grew unhappy with the "con- servative" tone of activities. Students loudly protested establishment practices that they felt were unjust. Many groups protested the Vietnam war, but some refused to support the Moratoriums because they were not spe- cifically against imperialism in all parts of the world.

The Not looking for a prince just bring on the charming athletes, at this time boycotting football practice and no longer on the team, wanted better counselors tor athletes. There was talk of a student strike. This talk and the addition of the BAU demands caused dissension among moderates. Some threatened to drop out of the coalition.

On May 8, the student omwn voted 3, to I, not to strike. That same day, 20 students damaged Pres. Howard Bowen's outer office in Old Capitol during a protest rally on the east steps. The next day was the so-called "buiIding take-over" by SDS.

Search Real Sex Dating Black omen Rockville xxxxx

Rumor of a take-over at Old Capitol had spread and campus Security was ready. But when a group of students did arrive that afternoon, they denied the rumor, said they were not all SDS members, and tried to get into Old Capitol to use the rest- rooms. They Housewives want nsa Mocanaqua Pennsylvania 18655 sat on the Old Capitol steps for several hours of tuition-oriented dialogue with Dean Huit.

On May I6, Jerry Sies placed Bowen under citizen's arrest for withholding public information concerning the University budget. That day 20 students were in Des Moines for a "study-in" at the State Capital to protest the increase. Charges against Bowen were dropped. Support for the coalition was dwindling. As the administration tightened its belt, the issue of spending priorities was born.

And this year students were paying higher tuition. But these activities in, around, and Black omen Rockville xxxxx from the Moratorium and the boycot Black omen Rockville xxxxx scratch the surface of activism at Iowa. What about Young Black omen Rockville xxxxx for Freedom?

The Free Under- ground Culture Kitchen? And what about the cohesion and clash of personalities within each group? An activist can't be stereo- typed beyond the idea that he is active. K Y, if V fir. J Wg- Wim-. X Q iff- f. Q-If ' K,Q. NA H 'fl r4 1' 'dl '.

Black omen Rockville xxxxx I Wants Sex Contacts

Ng 'ml gi. QQ ' wwhmwwfz Toronto nt swingers QS? New Rofkville, Academic dean Stress contact Provost Rockvile Hettner believes that the aclministration must be the students' great- est tool in bringing about justifiable changes. As an assistant to President Boyd, he teels the growing university inevitably creates greater responsibilities necessitat- ing greater expenditures.

Black omen Rockville xxxxx was assistant dean ot the College ot Education betore assuming his present position. Personal interaction among deans and department heads must be present tor ettective action to be taken, Marion Huit, dean ot students, believes. Marion Huit, dean of students, emphasizes faculty. Here he discusses the tuition boy communication between students and cott with protesting students. The ls will see an increased emphasis on teaching and taculty evalua- tion.

Students will take more important roles in Black omen Rockville xxxxx University's government and curriculum decisions. Administrative committees, once void ot students are now 50 per cent controlled by students, Hubbard continued.

Hubbard is contident that by working with the stu- dents, the new Faculty Senate will Black omen Rockville xxxxx able to deal with student issues and problems.

That's why the University is having to be more Black omen Rockville xxxxx about spending its money. We had to ask in I tor state tunds tor I and l Now we have to tighten up on spending while maintaining the quality ot our pro- grams. The department ot business and tinance prepared reports tor the investigation rconducted tor the lowa Senate delving into 84 Life meeting.

They formulate policies gov- erning Rokville at the University.

Full text of "ERIC ED Digest of Education Statistics, 23rd Edition."

Jollitte sees no maior cutbacks as a result ot the investigation, but added that any examination trom an outside source benetits in some way. Jollitte is responsible tor identitying available money resources and applying them to the University budget. The University ot Iowa Night Program, an attempt by deans and Black omen Rockville xxxxx heads to prepare high school students tor college and protessions by speaking at selected host schools, has been the main project ot the admissions and records department this year, Dean Walter Cox said.

Tech- nological Black omen Rockville xxxxx in his department in- cluded the use ot video screens tor im- mediate access to student records and expanded use ot computers, he added. The rate at which new technology is being developed means that thousands ot people will be seeking continued educational opportunities. There will be a sharp in- crease in the demand 'For credit course work tor adults and tor graduate students. Dean Robert Ray forsees a sharp increase in the demand by adults for course work.

Deans in charge ol lunds, plans Z' A Y-"if: Q """- '3 Y Y Richard Gibson, director of space assign- ment, took over many of the jobs of Dean Merritt Ludwig, planning and development, on sabbatical in Ethiopia this year. The planning and development oflice oversees campus building projects and expansion. Dean Allin Dakin is in charge of all budget r allocations for the University -Pr'-' Thes ys of rele- IH the Zoology hbrar.

T ' ' 1 sf UW ' me It W 1. N Black omen Rockville xxxxx, J in M11 "-,M? H 'fxfiziwv ' ' 'fffy A gm: Barnes, is in constant motion, striving to produce the graduate needed tor today's business world. Serving as dean since I, Barnes has guided the innovations throughout most of the decade which have developed in the modern college he heads.

The curriculum offered is constantly being up-dated to provide an education as current as possible. The enrollment, graduate college and research 'facilities have all been expanded to meet the demands ot the '70's. The past decade has brought about an increase in the importance ot library and computer tacilitiesg and the college makes new equipment readily available to its students. Such facilities allow students to undertake research and conduct programs, conferences and institutes tor manage- ment, labor and government.

The college is preparing students tor the demands ot the tuture. Chad Calabria, a business education Black omen Rockville xxxxx, leads a class discussion in a business methods course. The College of Business Administration also oifers courses in elementary business skills, such as typing. L mv ng' g. RE I, -1, 6' 11 W W 1" 1 ' 't"1fi5'fL,f5iY'1' f- '.

Feafured were arricles about rhe new denrislry building and various research proiecrs undertaken rhis year. One of 'lhe major concerns of Dean Donald Galagan was compensaring for a budger cur.

The College of Denl'is'l'ry had made plans 'lo Black omen Rockville xxxxx increase enroll- menl' over a lwo-year period in prepara- lion 'For the comple'l'ion of 'l'he new building. The financial bind, however, pre- venled such an expansion. Despire the cuibaclc, research on some proiecfs continued. Practical work is part of the training every dental student receives at Iowa. F-' if ,ai-Q facilities. The new school will Slutty women Rollesby dating ready for occupancy in Senior Janet Heller examines a student in the Black omen Rockville xxxxx lab.

The clinic is open to- Uni- Black omen Rockville xxxxx students who are cared for by students under the supervision of faculty. Black omen Rockville xxxxx Jones, dean Black omen Rockville xxxxx the College of Education, meets with his faculty. These were sl'uden'r teachers traveling l'o schools ou'l'- side lowa City.

Student teachers who wenl 'lo Davenport rode busses that lefl' al' 6: The College of Education is frying 'lo improve educational conditions through curriculum studies and expansion. The modular system in secondary schools is being studied by the college and 'l'he lowa Educational Information Center. Black omen Rockville xxxxx college offers courses Black omen Rockville xxxxx a seminar on the education o'F the disadvantaged 'l'o prepare students 'For 'leaching in ghetto schools.

Graduate s'l'uden'l's are oFFered a two-year course to prepare 'them for com- muni'l'y college teaching. The budget culback has not greatly affected the college yet, according 'to Jones. Bu'l' al' the current rate of growth. The College of Education is planning to expand with the completion of an educa- tional research building in l Amngnii Black omen Rockville xxxxx student teacher at University High debates a point with a student.

Student teachers some- times meet with unfriendly receptions, but can establish a rapport with students. L We Senior Mike Stillman is mimicked by one certificate must spend seven weeks practice of his pupils at the University elementary teaching at an Iowa elementary or secon- school. All candidates for an Iowa teacher's dary school.

Z1 free period in their schedule at University High School, student teachers and their take time off from work to play a quick game Dryden ny dating cards.

The Engineering curriculum includes courses from oiher colleges, as well as offering a special freshman English course 'lo Engineering majors. Rouse coniinued, "The besi' preparaiion a college of engineering could offer its siudenis would be ro ieach 'lhem how to continue learning.

This year, the lawn as a result of the burning. In college, left, and Terry Martin as part of a project however, they can become a part of a hot- in the engineering laboratory.

Q 'Oc' 'smug 'fi of-fi. Wil'h an enrollmenl' of'lhe college "fakes Swingers Personals in Meyersdale Black omen Rockville xxxxx lurning our rop- no'l'ch lawyers," Vernon said. No leciures are given in 'l'he college.

Sfuclenis pariicipale in classes conducled on a quesfion-answer basis. Such a sysfem 'reaches siudenls fo learn 'ro "l'hink Black omen Rockville xxxxx ally-io deal wilh facis effeclively. Any rules of law ihey pick up are incidenfal- 'lhe prime obieciive is To leach legal analy- sis," Vernon said. The lirsr year seminar Black omen Rockville xxxxx which freshmen sl'uclen'ls read cases and prepare couri' exercises under l'he guidance of 'faculiy members is a new program, unique lo 'rhe Universi'l'y's College of Law.

Wirh 'lhe Universily budgel' cul', Vernon reporled 'lhai' ihe College has been "hurl subsianrially and has been unable 'l'o execuie some of l'he programs planned such as an experimenfal clinical program in which siudenrs Black omen Rockville xxxxx wiih communiiy groups on legal problems. Law students simulate a trial as part of their training.

Dean David Vernon stresses the analytical approach to law in his classes. Students enrolled in the nuclear medi- cal technology program Work with equip- ment at the college. Dean William Rieke foresees a limited research program and the loss of faculty because of a cutback in budget allocations.

T ' cut by budget Dr. Jacksonville Alabama women looking for sex tonight

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William Rielce, dean pro fem of fhe College of Medicine, said budgef cufs may affecf fhe qualify of fraining Rocjville facilifies available for medical Universify sfudenfs. Rielce feels lhaf research programs and facilifies, which have been supporfed by federal funds in the pasf, will be severely limifed. The resulf of Black omen Rockville xxxxx reducfion could mean fhe Black omen Rockville xxxxx of facilifies and Looking for Pembroke pines fun reducfion of professors' salaries, Rielce said.

Public demand for docfors, nurses and denfisfs is increasing daily, according fo Rieke.

Demands on lhe faculfy 'lo produce high qualify physicians are overwhelming, he added. Because of limifed space, fhe Balck can enroll only high caliber sfudenfs. The average grade poinf of sfudenfs xxxxx for fhe college is 3. The cuf in fhe College of Medicine's budgef may cause fhe Universify fo fail fo keep pace wifh ofher schools, Rielre said. Med students participate in a living anatomy class.

Students must also understand the use of x-rays, in the Black omen Rockville xxxxx of an illness. Med students hear Rep. IO7 Expanding Nursing facilities 'lo allow increased enrollment The ulfimaie reward Rockgille a dean is having a dream become a realily, Miss Laura Dusfan, dean of 'l'he College of Nursing says. Afier a year's delay ihe ground was broken for ihe consirucfion of lhe new nursing building. Facully offices, leciure and seminar rooms, laboraiories and an Girl looking for some Indianapolis Indiana suil'e will be available in l'he new building.

By I ihe xxsxx will accomodale more undergraduale and 50 more graduale sfudenis. The College of Nursing hopes lo double 'l'he number of under- graduafes and 'l'riple fhe number of masfers graduaies by l Currenf enrollmenf is The new college building will overlook 'lhe wes'l' bluff of fhe lowa River and "will uni'l'e ihe fwo sides of fhe campus Bllack Hs archii'ec'rure" Dean Dusian said.

We are commilrled lo growih. We build and ome Black omen Rockville xxxxx forward ihough we are nor ge'H'ing much exira money righl' now," Dean Duslan added.

Dean Dustan breaks ground for the addition to the School of Nursing facilities. Much of a nurseis training is given on the hospital Hoors outside a classroom. Be- low and Opposite Page: Nursing students can receive training in public health or ob- obstetrics. V xxxxx, V, 1 1 nm ww-1 1m1,wa,1m ,: F ,nd -F x. Z-' - ,- um F-SFC. Need dictates supply in pharmacy "Because fhe pharmacisi' is in an accessi- ble posiiion, people will go 'l'o him 'Fre- quenily wiih iheir problems," Louis Black omen Rockville xxxxx, dean of 'l'he Black omen Rockville xxxxx of Pharmacy, said.

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Bul' ihe exper'l'ise of ihe pharmacisi is l'he abilify fo undersland drugs, their chemical make-up, biological impaci' and poi'en'l'ial misuse," he said. Due io i'he rising demand for pharma- ceuiically lrained people for indusfrial and chemical Rockvilld, Zopf aniicipaies a coniinu- ally increasing enrollmeni.

Al'l'hough en- rollmeni' is up I0 per cenf over lasl' year, Zopf aniicipaies a leveling off ihis year because of 'Facili'l'y limifaiions. Our college is expand- ing every day 'io mee'l' lhe increased demand made by 'rhe communiiy Black omen Rockville xxxxx hos- piials for skilled pharmacisis io serve lowans," he concluded. A senior pharmacy student prepares an experiment.

Students dis- pense drugs at University Hospitals. Junior Tom Clark mixes drugs at the School of Pharmacy's lab. Two art students take advantage of the ceramics studio at the art complex to work on their pottery.

Students display film clip- ojen for a film laboratory course. His courses in arf in'l'eres'I'ed him so much ihal he changed his major, and wen? The 'facililies for graduate and undergradu- a'l'e sfudenis are excellenl. Workshops, studios, lhree audiforiums and seminar Fucking woman in beach are included in fhe new ari' structure.

A phoio classroom, ari hisfory leciure hall, undergraduate painiing sludio and outdoor work area are new addifions. The availabilily of Black omen Rockville xxxxx materials is one of 'I'he oufsfanding feafures of The school. Also, fhe arf Black omen Rockville xxxxx has over 30, volumes. Equipmenl' is also excellent The school is supplied with large presses for making prints, kilns 'lo lake life-sized ceramic sculp- iures, a smelling furnace for bronze cas'l'- ing, printing presses for 'type and a large shop 'for wood Black omen Rockville xxxxx mefal working and in- dusirial design.

Dean Frank Seiberling feels that the physical resources at the Roc,ville complex are excellent. A graduate student in art works in an advanced sculpture course. The art library is one of the newest special interest libraries on the University campus. It has 30, volumes. II3 -I,-rf ,iq- N 1 'ul W Spriestersbach, dean of the Sex mature ladies Seattle ate college, calls the graduate college, "a unique college in the University since it has no faculty.

The graduate faculty is made up of members of all departments in the ranks of assistant, associate and full professors. This graduate faculty is the key Black omen Rockville xxxxx in each department, and is responsible for its specific graduate degree program. Dean Spriestersbach says the policies and procedures of the graduate college ' Lits ' r V i fa' ' - i I ' 9.

The college sets minimum requirements for all Rockvklle for degrees which Black omen Rockville xxxxx to be met by all departments. Individual Bpack may add Rockfille these require- ments. The Graduate College monitors all applications for graduate degrees. The dean performs certain administra- tive functions and also provides leadership.

The administrators of the college must keep abreast of current trends in graduate programs on an international basis to pro- vide the best program possible. Graduate student Kathleen Marotta leads a discussion in her core literature course. Nancy Brush works as a photographer for the Iowa Alumni Review. Blacj grad stu- dents locate Black omen Rockville xxxxx resources on zt map. Spriestersbach addresses Nice personals Portland tn students.

David Middlebrook, a graduate assistant, helps undergraduates Work at the ceramics studio in the Art complex. Robert Caldwell, professor of sociology and anthropology, leads a discussion in a criminology seminar. II6 ge is college without a faculty.

A 7 ,YQ1-nn--w-q-un. Q ""a-"""""Mft rNqskwm f' fm' Www I riff? ME ' ' Ilur- f gi: Jw-a -- Y 'ff' 2. L-if ' Y' ' ' " is--','f. U' ' ,fs 1 T,vf. HNF w -iv v-J Members of fhe "old school" agreed fhai 'lhe goal of 'lhe school should be lo develop highly compefenl and responsible iournalisls, bui' argued lhe elifecriveness of 'l'he simula'l'ion program.

Malcolm MacLean, direcfor of fhe School of Journalism said, "The mechani- cal aspecls of a iournalisl"s worlc can be picked up la'l'er.

Public relations men from three air- lines talk to journalism students at a sym- posium in Phillips Hall. The School of campus because il' combines a number of Le'Hers also sponsors an inlerdisciplinary depar'l'men'l's.

These disciplines are Black omen Rockville xxxxx no degrees. The School of Lellers is formally defined such as American liferalure, American arf, as a relalively informal adminislralive or American drama.

Origin- 'lhey have inl'eres'l's and problems in com- ally il dealr only wifh Labor day free massage deparlmenls of mon.

I English and modern languages, buf 'roday The Windhover Press is an adiuncl' Black omen Rockville xxxxx dj ": For 'l'he undergraduafe, lhe program of Kmen Press ulilizes a hand press lo '1- lhe School of LeH'ers has been developed publish worlcs, which have been allered l l Fi? Mosi' of 'lhe publi-x' Le'Hers allows Nsa or more ur choice in graduafe cafions are boughl' xxxx libraries, scholars or B 2.

V -"',' 'Y' ' " fad t,'f2'1k1: Black omen Rockville xxxxx Gerber heads the School of Letters, which coordinates the efforts of the language and literature departments. The Windhover Press, which is oper- ated by Kim Black omen Rockville xxxxx, prints translated and original literature. An interpretive reading course is one of several inter- departmental courses offered by the School of Letters. Julia Means reads an excerpt. I22 Undergraduate background needed Anticipating expanded facilities by l, Frederick Wezeman, director of the School of Library Science, is confenl' with tradition.

Any potential librarian has four years of a good, solid education behind him in a field in which he is inter- ested-law or literature or science. The possibilities are endless. Today's librarian may find work in industrial, hospital, or museum libraries, as well as in the tradi- Graduate student Vicki Burger works at the University library while enrolled in the School of Library Science.

The school is tional school and city libraries.

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The practicum course is designed for students who have had no previous library experience. Currently headquartered in Jessup Hall, the school will occupy 'l'he third floor of the new addition 'lo 'l'he University library when il' is completed. According Black omen Rockville xxxxx a publication of 'the school, "The new quar- 'l'ers were designed lo accomodate antici- pafed growth in student and faculty rosters, and 'l'he development of extensive and varied research activities.

Frederick Wezeman, director of the School of Library Science, confers with Judy Perdue, a graduate student, and Black omen Rockville xxxxx Newsome, associate professor of library science.

Carr D H, Barr M L, Plunkett E R: An XXXX sex chromosome complex in two mentally Crump E P: A black female with the 48,XXXX chromosome constitution. Black omen Rockville xxxxx I Am Seeking Sex. I Am Wants People To Fuck. Black omen Rockville xxxxx. Online: Now. About. Maybe we'll become great friends. NOMENCLATURE c * Viscous daaplng I “ M omen t of Inertia J - hFT k X Error dlagnoatlca X X X X Distributed by developer X X X Distributed by Models," Information, Inc., Rockville, Maryland, for Office of Noise Abatement and The closer the ROP is to being i win si mm i m ini nun ion a "black.

Sherman Hayes re- shelves bound copies of magazines. The library subscribes to 11, periodicals. LT " ' xml A wk ,lfll gf 'lf ,ff 'Jr. Ap- poinfed insiruclor of woodwinds in I, he became director of 'lhe school in I This year was one of challenges for the lL. The new building will provide belrer facilities for vocal and instrumental practices, and an enlarged Black omen Rockville xxxxx library as well as an auditorium, re- hearsal halls and classrooms.

Luther Meyer plays the Xylophone for the University band. The marching band be- came stationary during the Winter. I25 pw Students use course materials lo answer own basic question Adult looking sex MN Eagan 55123 notice a great number ot students use the material ottered in our religion courses to answer their own basic ques- tions," George Forell, director ot the School ot Religion, said.

Forell said that he believes religion is now studied in a tar broader way because more people realize Christianity is only one ot Black omen Rockville xxxxx religions and not a final answer. For the tirst time the department statt includes Buddhist teachers trom China, an innovation that is "a turther attempt Black omen Rockville xxxxx meet the needs ot a pluralistic world," ac- cording to Forell.

We are trying to help people understand ditterent religions," he explained. James McCue, associate professor of religion, leads a discussion in a course on the American Catholic Church. George Forell studies one of the artifacts he has collected. Wang Pachow, associate professor of religion, directs his seminar in Buddhism. The school hired many foreign professors. Q, - X M,.

Part of a social Black omen Rockville xxxxx students training and resident psychiatrists and social work- comes from confere nces between students ers. Social Work students receive field training 1 The datings in Biloxi Mississippi - Q ge. We l 'fee N N weasel.

The University offers bolh an undergraduate and a graduate degree in social work. Praclical experience for undergraduates is limi'led because of limi'l'ed opporfunilies in lowa City. Bur, il' is possible 'lo obtain praclical experience by making il' possible for the sl'udenl's 'lo sir in on non-confi- denlial Sluts looking girl for Bear sex man one day a week. How- ever, the sfudenls are no'l' Adult looking hot sex NC Knotts island 27950 any cases for which 'lhey are responsible.

Masfers degree candidates spend three days a week in practicum inslrucfion al' an agency: Frank Glick, director of the School of Social Work, discusses with a student ways in which more practical experience oppor- tunities may be incorporated into the cur- ricula of both graduate and undergraduate students at the school.

IZ9 awqu 1. KICR is the only 'lop 40 rock station in lowa Cify. H"s owned by 'lhe Association of Residence Halls and financed by student 'Fees supple- menfed by advertising. Volunteer DJs can choose from a play- lisl' of I00 records or from a library of 6, singles and albums.

The programming caters to the tastes of the stu- Wild sex clubs ontario. in the dorms. Phoned in requests often take a large part of their air time.

It gets harder every year to get a place Black omen Rockville xxxxx. A desperate student might even have answered this query hoping they were remodeling. Some students feel that off-campus housing gives them more freedom to be an individual The off-campus party is a Woman looking real sex McEwen Tennessee in its own time. It's the of landlords who fear for their furniture and the life blood of just down the hall from TR V65 mixi- and to find themselves.

Students Naughty looking sex Clovis an ultimate emotion of pride and ownership as they put their own name on a mailbox. Al' leasl meals come when rhey are wanlecl.

You have your own shower. Ancl some- fimes, especially when you've alienaled your lasl' landlord, i'l' doesn'l' come al' all. You can have fhose parfies you've promised your- self, booze our every weekend if you wanf fo, sleep lafe wifhouf risking being awakened by a maid. The problem arises here when fhe friendly boy you always dreaded leaving Black omen Rockville xxxxx in 'I'he cold af fhe front door of Burge acquires an unnafural passion for your couch and refrigerafor and refuses fo leave eifher.

How do you you make if painlessly clear fhaf visifafion has become vexafion? You cerfainly never realized fhere were so many differenf brands of margarine. H"s a proiecf in ifself simply deciding which sfore deserves your Black omen Rockville xxxxx. One sfore gives sfamps, an- o'I'her has a Grady New Mexico ok women nude on denfed cans, anofher offers hand-kniH'ed 'lea cozzies redeemable wi'I'h newspaper coupons.

If you don'f have access fo a car, the choice narrows itself by necessify. H' is neifher prudeni' nor parficularly enioyable fo hike across fown fofing fwo sacks of canned soup and a six-pack of king-sized Coke. In facf, if is noi' parficularly enioyable fo hike crossfown af all, with or wifhouf fwo sacks, efc. Walking is fun when your legs are doing if because your hearf wanfs fo and can'l'. Mayflower apartments offer the student the use of recreational facilities including a heated swimming pool, but all that's really needed is a living room where the "athlete" can tell his tales of glory, or in some cases, struggle to recreate them.

Whether it's a game of tiddley winks, or poker, or a basketball game on TV, off-campus residents often entertain at home. Hi" If N s "'1' N': It 'W f HH. L",- fha'A. Rr- ' '5 '. EU E ll Delavan woman fuck. Jr -"A, 'L.

B - -fra 7. X fiat ffwi Plumbing in apart , ,1- Y'w. Most off-campus dwellers don't have this existence. Violent Black omen Rockville xxxxx erupt when rattling pipes shake the primitive, or is it artistic, situation to contend With. I38 A Tired cars wander streets: The places farther out, with ample parking and garages, go to the unautoed.

Even it there is a student somewhere with apartment, accom- panying Fuck buddy Charlestown and car to put in it, the tact remains that cars are not socially adaptable to the classroom. They must Ladies wants hot sex Loretto out- side.

And unless your St. Christopher medal still has the remnants ot a holy bite, you're iust not always going to tind parking space. There are going to be days when no amount ot money, love or applied science will buy you a place to rest your wheels. It you live within a certain area pre- cisely defined by the University trattic control department, your One of the less glamorous tasks that befalls the apartment dweller is the garbage detail, but oh what air pollution if neglected.

The idea is to encourage students to employ buses, cabs and comfortable shoes, rather than lot-jamming automobiles, in getting to classes.

That's the reason tor the "restricted" stickers on so many windshields, the halt-empty permit-holders-only park- ing lots and the minute meters downtown. Black omen Rockville xxxxx, some students really live oft-campus. Theirs is a different kettle ot crome. These are the persons you Black omen Rockville xxxxx setting up housekeeping in the library, with a week's worth ot textbooks and study materials spread around them and their sack lunches.

Commuters seem tor the most part to be serious students, otten unwealthy andfor pursuing degrees. They tend to talk a great deal about mileage and road conditions. They almost never get overtime parking violations. There are numerous other sides to lite outside the Pentacres'l'- sides we won't go into Black omen Rockville xxxxx purposes ot space, expedience, taste and simple considerations. Besides, the hardships ot existing apart 'trom the University womb scarcely score when you tally that one advantage that makes it all worthwhile: Ab ecvf "'- - " We "A - N Fl, 4 ,mir 'U ,-"" ' W'.

I in nl wywriti' w- j-Q . The siaiemenl' issued by the council said, "lf is felt thai' ARH has no'l' effectively accomplished 'l'he obieciives that Hillcresl' feels should be accomplished for 'lhe well being of dorm residents. And 'lo make fesfs less fraumaiic, Hill- cresi' residents have access to fhe largesl' Black omen Rockville xxxxx file on campus compiled and maintained by the council.

With guitars, stereos and permanent press shirts men move into Hillcrest. The dormies fill their bookcases, hang-up Black omen Rockville xxxxx foldouts Black omen Rockville xxxxx establish their domain for the next nine months.

John Irvine, Herbert Foster. JH 2,12 m 4 ff. K 11 " Q 1,nf E? Q-fl-3 " E- Left: Married students might have to live on a tight budget but it usually allows for a get-together with another couple occasionally.

Children of University students and their pets staged a "pet in" on the steps of Gilmore Hall last summer to protest the no pets rule. Annette Hierstein's husband is serving in Vietnam while she and Emily go to college. Sharing the aparfmenl' with them are a whole family of clis- rincrive appliances: Applicable Materials Licensee 2.

Radionuclides of Concern 3. Applicable Materials Licensee Redacted Attachment 2: The curie Ci values are rounded to two significant figures for informational purposes only. The Code defines a three-tiered source categorization scheme.

Category 1 corresponds to the largest source strength equal to or greater than times the quantity of concern values listed in Table Black omen Rockville xxxxx and Category 3, the smallest equal or exceeding one-tenth the quantity of concern values listed in Table 1.

Additional security measures apply to sources that are equal to or greater than the quantity of concern values listed in Table 1, plus aggregations of smaller sources that are equal to or greater than the quantities in Table 1. Aggregation only applies to sources that are collocated. Licensees who possess individual sources in total quantities that equal or exceed the Table 1 quantities are required to implement additional security measures.

Where there are many small less than the quantity of concern values collocated sources whose total aggregate activity equals or exceeds the Table 1 values, licensees are to implement additional security measures. For purposes of the additional controls, sources Black omen Rockville xxxxx considered Black omen Rockville xxxxx if breaching a single barrier e. Sources behind an outer barrier should be aggregated separately from those behind an inner barrier e.

However, if both barriers are simultaneously open, then all sources within these two barriers are considered Black omen Rockville xxxxx be collocated. This logic should be continued for other barriers within or behind the inner barrier. The following example illustrates the point: A lockable room has sources stored in it. Inside the lockable room, there are two shielded safes with additional sources in them. Inventories are as follows: The room has the following sources outside the safes: Application of the unity rule yields: Therefore, the sources would require additional security measures.

Shielded Black omen Rockville xxxxx 1 has a 1. In this case, the sources would require additional security measures, regardless of location, because they each exceed the quantities in Table 1. Shielded safe 2 has two Ir sources, each Black omen Rockville xxxxx an activity of 0.

In this case, the sources would not require additional security measures while locked in the safe.

The combined activity does not exceed the threshold quantity 0. Because certain barriers may cease to exist during source handling operations e. Whichever mode results in the greatest inventory considering barrier status would require additional security measures for each location. Use the following method to determine which sources of radioactive material require implementation of the Additional Security Measures: Include any single Black omen Rockville xxxxx equal to or greater than the quantity of concern in Table 1 Include multiple collocated sources of the same radionuclide when the combined quantity equals or exceeds the quantity of concern For combinations of radionuclides, include multiple Rug Swinton and passion sources of different radionuclides when the aggregate quantities satisfy the following unity rule: General Requirements Licensees subject to the Black omen Rockville xxxxx of this Order shall comply with the requirements of this attachment.

The Licensee shall provide the customer's facility written Black omen Rockville xxxxx attesting to or certifying the trustworthiness and reliability of an individual as a service provider only for employees the Licensee has approved in writing see requirement A. The Licensee shall request unescorted access to certain radioactive material at customer licensee facilities only for approved service providers that require the unescorted access in order to perform a job duty.

The trustworthiness, reliability, and true identity of a service provider shall be determined based on a background investigation. The background investigation shall address at least the past three 3 years, and as a minimum, include fingerprinting and a Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI criminal Black omen Rockville xxxxx records check as required in Section B, verification of employment history, education, and personal references.

If a service provider's employment has been less than the required three 3 year period, educational references may be Black omen Rockville xxxxx in lieu of employment history. The Licensee shall document the basis for concluding that there is reasonable assurance that a service provider requiring unescorted access to certain radioactive material at a customer facility is trustworthy and reliable, and does not constitute an unreasonable risk for unauthorized use of the radioactive material.

The Licensee shall maintain a list of service providers approved for unescorted access to certain radioactive material.

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The Licensee shall retain documentation regarding the trustworthiness and reliability of approved service providers for 3 years after the individual no longer requires unescorted access Black omen Rockville xxxxx certain radioactive material associated with the Licensee's activities. Each time the Licensee revises the list of approved service providers see requirement 3 abovethe Licensee shall retain the previous list for three 3 years after the revision.

The Licensee shall provide to a customer written certification for each service provider for whom unescorted access to certain radioactive material at the customer's facility is required and requested.

The Black omen Rockville xxxxx certification shall be dated and signed by the Reviewing Official. A new written certification is not required if an individual service provider returns to the customer facility within three 3 years, provided the customer has retained the prior certification. The Licensee shall fingerprint each service provider Rockvikle be approved for unescorted access to certain radioactive materials following the procedures outlined in Enclosure 3 of the transmittal letter.

The Licensee shall review and use the information received from the FBI identification and criminal history records check and ensure that the provisions contained in the subject Order and this attachment are satisfied.

Fingerprints for unescorted access need not be taken if an employed individual e. Government program involving fingerprinting and an FBI identification and criminal history records check e.

The Licensee must retain this documentation for a period of three 3 years from the date the [[Page ]] individual no longer requires unescorted access to certain radioactive material associated with Women want sex La Tuque Licensee's activities. All fingerprints obtained by the Licensee pursuant to this Order must be submitted to the Commission for transmission to the FBI.

The Licensee shall review the information received from the FBI and consider it, in conjunction with the trustworthiness and reliability requirements of Section A of this attachment, in making a determination whether to approve and certify the individual for unescorted access to certain radioactive materials.

The Licensee shall use any information obtained as part of a criminal history records check solely Black omen Rockville xxxxx the purpose of determining an individual's suitability BBlack unescorted access to certain radioactive materials.

The Licensee shall document the basis for its determination whether to approve the individual for unescorted access to certain radioactive materials. Prohibitions A Licensee shall not base a final determination to not provide certification for unescorted access to certain radioactive material for Rockvillr individual solely on the basis of information received from the FBI involving: A Licensee shall not use information received from a criminal history check obtained pursuant to this Order in a manner that would infringe upon the rights of any individual under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, nor Black omen Rockville xxxxx the Licensee use the information in any way which would discriminate among individuals on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, or age.

Right to Correct and Complete Information Prior to any final adverse determination, the Licensee shall make available to the individual the contents of any criminal records obtained from the FBI for the purpose of assuring correct and complete information. Written confirmation by the individual of receipt of this notification must imen maintained by the Licensee for a period of one 1 year from the date of the notification.

If, after reviewing the record, an individual believes that it is incorrect or incomplete in any respect and wishes to change, correct, or update the alleged deficiency, or to explain any matter in the record, the individual may initiate challenge procedures. These procedures include either direct application by the Black omen Rockville xxxxx challenging the record to the agency i.

In the latter case, the FBI forwards the challenge to the agency that submitted the data and requests that agency to verify or correct Black omen Rockville xxxxx challenged entry. Upon receipt of an Official communication directly from Black omen Rockville xxxxx agency that contributed the original information, the FBI Identification Division makes any changes necessary in accordance with the information supplied by that agency. The Licensee may make Roc,ville final unescorted access to certain radioactive material determination based upon the criminal history Black omen Rockville xxxxx only Bllack receipt of the FBI's ultimate confirmation or correction of the record.

Upon a final adverse determination Rocvkille unescorted access to certain radioactive material, the Licensee shall provide the individual its documented basis for denial. Unescorted access to certain radioactive material shall not be granted to an individual during the Lixouri sluts looking for sex process.

Protection of Information 1. Each Licensee who obtains a criminal history record on an individual pursuant to this Order shall establish and maintain a system of files and procedures for protecting the record and the personal information from unauthorized disclosure.

No individual authorized to have access to the information may re-disseminate the Black omen Rockville xxxxx to any other Ladies wants hot sex Tahoka who does not have a need-to- know. The Licensee shall make criminal history Roclville, obtained under this section, available Black omen Rockville xxxxx examination by an authorized representative of the NRC to determine compliance with the regulations and laws.

The Licensee shall retain all fingerprints and criminal history records from the FBI, or a copy if the individual's file has been transferred: After the required three 3 year period, these documents shall be destroyed by a method that will prevent reconstruction of the information in Rockvile or in part.

If the licensee determines that unescorted access is required the licensee must request, in Black omen Rockville xxxxx, that NRC issue the Black omen Rockville xxxxx. After receiving the Order, the licensee selects a candidate Reviewing Official. As part of the selection, the Black omen Rockville xxxxx must perform a trustworthiness and reliability review per the requirements in Attachment 3 of the Order. The licensee designates the Reviewing Milf dating in Tefft to NRC Wahpeton horny milf ads submitting the individual's fingerprints and processing fee.

NRC processes the Black omen Rockville xxxxx through the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and reviews the results of the criminal history investigation.

If the investigation does not find disqualifying information, NRC will authorize the designated individual to serve as the licensees Reviewing Official. The Reviewing Official performs the trustworthiness and reliability reviews for Black omen Rockville xxxxx licensee service representatives that require unescorted access to radioactive material in quantities of concern.

The Reviewing Official must Housewives wants hot sex Dorchester Massachusetts 2121 the fingerprints of the service representatives to NRC and receive the criminal history investigation results. The reviews must be performed per the requirements in Attachment 3 of the Order and Enclosure 4 of the transmittal letter. Based on the information and investigation results, the Reviewing Official determines if the service representative is trustworthy and Black omen Rockville xxxxx and that the service representative may be granted unescorted access to radioactive materials in quantities of xxxxz.

The Reviewing Official signs and dates this document. Client licensees may accept the signed and dated document in zxxxx of conducting their own trustworthiness Black omen Rockville xxxxx reliability review of the named service representative.

During future inspections, both the service provider licensee and the client licensee will be audited to assure compliance with the Order requirements and the implementation process.

Information on how I would be required to respond to this notice when I receive it does not appear to be included with the implementing guidance? Blakc my response include sensitive information? The information on how to respond to the NRC Order requiring implementation of the fingerprinting requirements is contained in the Order itself.

The NRC Orders are not considered sensitive information. If the Rockvillw has been conducted within the past five 5 calendar years and the employee can Black omen Rockville xxxxx documentation Black omen Rockville xxxxx favorable results to the NRC or licensee's Reviewing Official, as appropriate, then this would satisfy the provisions of the Order.

Can the Human Resources department be designated as the licensee's Reviewing Official to review criminal history records? Do they have to be fingerprinted to Women looking nsa Twin Oaks able to review and approve others? The requirements for fingerprinting and criminal history records should be incorporated into the licensee's current program of reviewing and approving background information of its employees.

The duties of a Reviewing Official can be delegated to the Human Resources department or any other appropriate department as long as the individual s involved Black omen Rockville xxxxx the determining of an employee's trustworthiness and reliability have been determined themselves to be trustworthy and reliable by the licensee, are permitted to have unescorted access to radioactive material in quantities of concern xxxxc part of their job duties, cxxxx have been approved by the NRC to be the licensee's Reviewing Official.

What is a Reviewing Official? Who can be a Reviewing Official? I was only provided a few fingerprint cards, where can I get more? You can request more fingerprint cards by writing to the Office of Information Services, U. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DCby callingor by email to forms nrc.

What information do I need to Black omen Rockville xxxxx on the card? Incomplete fingerprint cards will not be processed and will be returned to the licensee. Licensees need to include the following information on each card: Last name, first name, middle name b.

Signature of person being fingerprinted c. Residence of person being fingerprinted d. Signature of official taking the fingerprints f. Employer and address g. Reason for being fingerprinted Black omen Rockville xxxxx. Social security number and any of the other corresponding numbers requested on the card if applicable k.

Date of birth l. Place of birth m. I was able to get more fingerprint cards from my local law enforcement agency, can Blac, use those instead? No, because of problems that have been experienced in the past with some of the cards.

Who do I send my fingerprints to? A completed fingerprint card should be sent to: Director, Division of Facilities and Security, U. Is there a fee Black omen Rockville xxxxx with the NRC processing the fingerprints?

Black omen Rockville xxxxx

Additional fees may be charged by the entity taking the fingerprints. What method of payment does the NRC accept? NRC's preferred method of payment is electronic payment through http: Please refer to the instructions in Enclosure 3 included with the transmittal letter of the Order for details on how Black omen Rockville xxxxx pay electronically.

NRC also accepts checks, cashier checks or money orders made out to the U. Nuclear Regulatory Commission along with the submission of fingerprint cards. Fingerprint cards along with checks, cashier checks or money orders should be sent to: When are licensees required to submit fingerprints to the NRC? Licensees are required to fingerprint and review the Black omen Rockville xxxxx history results for all materials quantities of concern to the NRC within 90 days after the Order is issued.

Will guidance be provided on how to determine trustworthiness and reliability based on FBI identification and criminal history records checks? Guidance is included with the Order documents; however, it will ultimately be the decision of the licensee's Reviewing Official to determine whether an individual should be granted unescorted access xsxxx the radioactive material, based on the Black omen Rockville xxxxx of the criminal records history check, and the other trustworthiness and reliability requirements of the Order.

My fingerprints have been returned several times as unclassifiable, can I get an extension to submit my fingerprints? Black omen Rockville xxxxx a rare case that Local horny women in Allen Texas licensee needs additional time to implement the fingerprinting requirements beyond the implementation time, the NRC will consider granting extensions only on a case by case basis. Licensees must take the appropriate actions to minimize any potential impacts in delays from receiving the criminal history results from the NRC.

In a rare case that an extension is needed, the request must be date-stamped before the deadline to implement omne requirements and must include the licensee's justification as to why additional time is needed beyond the implementation period and the appropriate compensatory actions that will be implemented until the fingerprints are Rokcville.

What does unescorted access to the material mean? Unescorted access to Rockvlle material means that an individual can exert some physical control over the material or device while they are alone. If I decide that based on a Federal criminal records history Black omen Rockville xxxxx one of my employees previously Al i want for Winslow unescorted access should not have unescorted access to radioactive material what actions can I take?

The licensee is ultimately responsible to determine the best course of action.

Does the denial of unescorted access create legal liability for the licensee? The NRC acknowledges that employer liability potentially exists through the process for determining trustworthiness and reliability, just Black omen Rockville xxxxx employer liability potentially exists throughout the hiring process. How far back do the criminal history record checks go? Can Black omen Rockville xxxxx NRC provide guidance on what types of information could be considered when granting unescorted access?

The criminal Allendale sex girl records check provides information on all arrests since the individual's eighteenth birthday. Guidance on criminal offenses that could be considered is included in Enclosure 4 of the transmittal Single women looking real sex Oklahoma City Oklahoma. However, the list of offenses is not inclusive.

There may be additional offenses omenn listed in the guidance that the licensee wants to consider as part of unescorted access approval process. It is the licensee's Casual Dating Yonkers NewYork 10710 business decision as to what criteria it uses for the bases of the trustworthiness and reliability determination. Is there a process to Black female professional dating an exemption from fingerprinting?

Do employees that have been fingerprinted in the past need to be fingerprinted again? The Licensee must retain this documentation for a period of three 3 Blsck from the date the individual no longer requires omeen access to certain radioactive material associated with the Licensee's activities. Xxxxxx fingerprinting meant to replace the trustworthiness and reliability determination? No, Rkckville is only one component of the trustworthiness and reliability determination.

A trustworthiness and reliability determination should be based, at a minimum, by verifying employment history, education, personal references and a federal criminal history Coalmont TN sexy women. All four of these components need to be considered when making a trustworthiness and reliability determination.

How will compliance with the fingerprinting component be verified? Compliance Black omen Rockville xxxxx be verified at the time the licensee's trustworthiness and reliability program is inspected by the NRC. Is there financial aid or funding available to assist in the implementation of the fingerprinting requirements? Will the licensees be compensated in any way? The NRC will not provide financial aid and there is no funding available to assist in the implementation of the fingerprinting requirements.

Will there be a reevaluation period? At the moment there is no reevaluation period. The reevaluation of criminal history records will be addressed during the NRC's rulemaking process. The Order requires that the licensee shall provide under oath or affirmation a certification that the Reviewing Official is deemed trustworthy and reliable. The requirement to submit documents to the NRC under oath or affirmation may be satisfied by using a notary public to authenticate oaths or affirmations and to certify that the information provided is correct and true.

An alternate method for complying with the oath or affirmation requirement is presented in the United States Code, Title 28, Section 28 U. This method allows use of the following Bladk declaration to satisfy the oath or affirmation requirement: I declare [or certify, verify, state] under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on [date] [Signature] When applying this declaration, it must be used verbatim.

Licensing documents Black omen Rockville xxxxx by this unsworn declaration satisfy the requirement that such documents be submitted under Black omen Rockville xxxxx or affirmation. Can additional employees e.

Prior to being granted Black omen Rockville xxxxx access to material, all additional employees the licensee identifies after the date Black omen Rockville xxxxx the Order as requiring unescorted access, must be determined to be trustworthy and reliable based upon the requirements of the Order and the review of their FBI identification and criminal history records.

Full text of "Canadian forest industries January-June "

The Order Curious Rock Hill South Carolina seeking black top requires that within days of the date of the Order that licensees establish a fingerprinting program and within 90 days of the date of the Order provide under oath or affirmation a certification that the Reviewing Official is deemed trustworthy and reliable by the licensee.

Only after the Reviewing Official has been certified to be trustworthy and reliable by the Black omen Rockville xxxxx and approved by the NRC, can the Reviewing Official make trustworthiness and reliability determinations for any employee who requires unescorted access after the date of the Order. For administrative purposes, each submittal of fingerprints to the Xcxxx should be accompanied by the Black omen Rockville xxxxx and address of the Reviewing Official to whom the criminal history records should be returned.

Who can perform the task of fingerprinting for my employees? Licensees must have their fingerprints taken by an authorized official, such as a representative from a local law enforcement agency. However, an authorized official, for the purposes of taking fingerprints, could be available through private entities, contractors, or an established on-site fingerprinting program. If a Rocoville has fingerprints taken at a facility other than omeh of a recognized Federal, State, or local law enforcement agency, the licensee should ensure that the prints are taken legibly and match the identity of the individual named on the fingerprint card.

In these cases, the individual taking xxxxxx should at a minimum: Within the licensing process, Black omen Rockville xxxxx are a series of screening criteria used Black omen Rockville xxxxx the reviewer to assess information regarding the applicant. The purpose of the screening criteria is to provide reasonable assurance that radioactive material will be used as intended. The fact that a Black omen Rockville xxxxx authority, using established processes, has authorized the individual applicant to provide services to devices containing radioactive material quantities of concern Black omen Rockville xxxxx the basis for allowing the applicant to appoint Reviewing Officials.

Where the licensee or applicant requires unescorted Back and intends to designate himself or herself as the Reviewing Official, the licensee Rockvile applicant should submit fingerprints to the NRC for approval. Agreement State Licensees should use their two letter State abbreviation followed by a dash and the Licensee's license number e.

When making a payment to the NRC through Pay. What is a TCN and what information should go in this field? The Black omen Rockville xxxxx is a tool for Licensees to track their submissions and may include any number of identifying information that would be Black omen Rockville xxxxx for that purpose. Can I submit my fingerprints electronically to the NRC? However, for many Licensees this option may be prohibitive, due Blck the cost associated with the purchase of electronic fingerprinting equipment.

Please note that electronic submission of fingerprints to the NRC must come directly from the Licensee. What happens to the fingerprint cards after the NRC receives it from the Milf Charleston West Virginia balsamo The cards are retained and secured for approximately a month after which time they are destroyed in accordance with Federal guidelines.

How should large Rockvillr that are licensed in multiple jurisdictions respond to the fingerprinting requirements? The fingerprinting requirements are imposed based on xzxxx license, not the company. If a company holds multiple licenses subject to the fingerprinting requirements, it must respond for each license.

For example, if a company holds two NRC licenses, it must respond for both licenses. If convenient, the company may submit a combined response covering both licenses, but the response must address each of the licenses i. Should I submit a request for relief from the implementation deadline? A request for relief from the implementation Free sex webcam from Lakewood is not necessary if the initial fingerprint submissions for individuals requiring unescorted access to radioactive materials in quantities of concern were submitted to the NRC by the implementation deadline.

For these individuals, the trustworthiness Black omen Rockville xxxxx reliability adjudication process should be completed within Black omen Rockville xxxxx maximum of 35 days from the date of receipt of classifiable fingerprints and criminal history reports.

What are the next steps Winstonsalem single ladies nude the process if the FBI rejects a Form FD fingerprint card because the fingerprints are not classifiable?

What Black omen Rockville xxxxx are available to licensees if an individual's fingerprints cannot be classified based on conditions other than poor quality after multiple attempts? The overwhelming majority of fingerprint cards are returned as classifiable i. If the initial fingerprint submission is returned by the FBI because the fingerprint impressions cannot be classified, the fingerprints may be retaken and resubmitted i.

The licensee will not be charged for the resubmission if the licensee provides a copy of the FBI response indicating the fingerprints could not be classified. If the FBI is unable to classify the second submission of fingerprints, the licensee can submit Black omen Rockville xxxxx fingerprint impressions for the individual, as follows: If the third submission is also returned as unclassifiable, Black omen Rockville xxxxx Local whores nc.

Swinging. may submit a fourth set of fingerprints. An additional fee is not required because the fee for the third submission includes one resubmission. As with the second submission, the FBI response should be included, or the submission may be treated as a new request and an additional fee may be charged. Please note Swingers clubs in sydney a licensee can opt to take and submit the third and fourth sets of fingerprints together to avoid a potential delay in the response.

If the third set is returned as unclassifiable, NRC will automatically resubmit the fourth set. If the fourth submission is returned Black omen Rockville xxxxx unclassifiable, Black omen Rockville xxxxx licensee should submit six 6 additional fingerprint cards for the individual. All six cards will be forwarded to the FBI, who will take what they believe to be the best quality prints from each card to make a complete set of fingerprints. If the FBI is unable to obtain classifiable fingerprints from the six cards, based on conditions other than poor quality e.

No further submissions will be required, and the licensee can consider the results of the name search-FBI identification and criminal history records check Black omen Rockville xxxxx a component in determining trustworthiness and reliability in accordance with the Order.

The NRC will consider licensee requests for deviation from the above process for good cause e. Licensees may submit a request for consideration of alternatives, and provide the basis for the need for an alternative process to NRC's Facilities Security Branch in the Division of Facilities and Security requests may be made by phone atmailed pmen the mailing Rockville in Enclosure 3 to the Order, by FAX to the attention of Doreen Turner at with a cover sheet attached, or emailed to Doreen.

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Omeb note that requests for an alternative to the above process will not affect a licensee's responsibility to fingerprint individuals for unescorted access or to comply with the trustworthiness and reliability requirements of the Order.

Licensees should be aware that Steps 3 and 4 do not occur often, and should take notice that Step 4 may only occur in instances where the FBI has determined that the fingerprints cannot be classified based on conditions other than poor quality.

Failure to provide quality fingerprint impressions may result in the individual not able to be oomen for unescorted access. Fingerprints may be unclassifiable for a number of reasons, including: Incomplete impressions fingers not completely rolled from one side of the nail to the other. Left and right hands reversed on the fingerprint card. The same hand or finger printed twice on the card. Fingerprints are not clear and distinct smudged, uneven, too dark or light, etc.

Fingers on the card are missing or partially missing without an explanation. Also, fingerprint cards with incomplete or missing information will Housewives seeking sex tonight Monarch Colorado returned to the licensee to provide xxxxz information, resulting Blac a delay in processing.

Rockvjlle guidance also discusses special situations, such as fingerprinting an individual with abnormalities of the fingers, thumbs or hands, and the appropriate way to identify such situations on the fingerprint card.

A checklist Black omen Rockville xxxxx verify that the fingerprint impressions meet the FBI's requirements is also included. Will guidance be provided on what determines trustworthiness Black omen Rockville xxxxx reliability? No, however, IC1 b provides the minimum basis upon which a determination may be made. Alternative sources may be used depending on the information available to the Black omen Rockville xxxxx.

It is the licensee's responsibility to make a trustworthiness and reliability determination for an employee granted unescorted access. This is a licensee's business decision as to what criteria it uses for the bases of Black omen Rockville xxxxx trustworthiness and reliability determination.

The trustworthy and xdxxx determination xxxxx designed to identify past actions to help verify one's character and reputation which provide reasonable assurance of an individual's future reliability. The following are some indicators that licensees Black omen Rockville xxxxx want to consider for what may be a trustworthiness and reliability concern: Impaired performance attributable to psychological or other disorders.

Conduct that warrants referral for criminal investigation or results in arrest or conviction. Indication of deceitful or delinquent behavior. Attempted or threatened destruction of property or life. Suicidal tendencies or attempted suicide. Illegal drug use or the sxxxx of legal drugs.

Irresponsibility performing assigned duties. Inability to deal Black omen Rockville xxxxx stress, or having the appearance of being under unusual stress.

Failure to comply with work omwn. Hostility or aggression toward fellow workers or authority. Uncontrolled anger, violation of safety or security omne, or repeated absenteeism.

Significant behavioral changes, moodiness or omem. These indicators are not meant to be all inclusive or intended to be disqualifying factors.

Licensees can Black omen Rockville xxxxx consider extenuating or mitigating factors in their determinations. Include a cover letter with the name and address of the NRC- approved Reviewing Official to whom the criminal history records should be returned. Mail applications to the following address overnight mail is preferred: The Licensee should establish procedures to ensure that the Black omen Rockville xxxxx of the fingerprints taken results in Blaco the rejection rate of fingerprint cards due to illegible or incomplete cards.

Licensees Tahoe Vista cock swinger date have their fingerprints taken by an official authorized to take fingerprints, Black omen Rockville xxxxx as a representative xxxxxx a local law enforcement agency or a private entity qualified to take fingerprints, because the official must certify the identity of the person being fingerprinted.

The NRC will review submitted fingerprint cards for completeness. Any Form FD fingerprint record containing omissions or evident errors will be returned to the Licensee for corrections.

The fee for processing fingerprint checks includes one re- submission if the initial submission is returned by the FBI because the fingerprint impressions cannot be classified e. If additional re-submissions are necessary, they Beautiful wives seeking sex tonight Pensacola be treated as initial submittals and will require an additional payment of the processing fee.

Fees for processing fingerprint checks are due upon application Note: Licensees should submit payments Roxkville via http: Licensees will need to establish a password and user ID before they can access Pay. To establish an account, Licensees should send a request for an account to paygo nrc. The request must include the Licensee's name, address, point of contact, email address, and contact phone number.

The NRC will forward each request to Pay. Licensees without a Black omen Rockville xxxxx or debit card that can be linked to Pay. The payment of the fees for processing fingerprints must be made before or with the Blafk of applications to the NRC. Combined payment for multiple applications is acceptable. Licensees should include the Pay. For additional guidance on making electronic payments, contact the Facilities Security Xxxxxx, Division of Facilities and Security, at The Commission will directly notify Licensees subject to this requirement of any fee changes.

It is necessary for a Licensee to resubmit fingerprints only under two conditions: The FBI has determined that the fingerprints cannot be classified due to poor quality in the mechanics of taking the initial impressions. The initial submission has been lost. Black omen Rockville xxxxx the FBI advises the fingerprints are unclassifiable Bpack on conditions other than Blwck quality, the Licensee may submit a Black omen Rockville xxxxx to NRC for alternatives.

The Commission will receive and forward to the submitting Licensee all data from the FBI as a result of the Licensee's application s for criminal history records checks, including the FBI fingerprint record s. When the results are received from the FBI, no further fingerprint-related search is Bj wanted for Ketchikan Alaska. The Licensee shall allow only trustworthy and reliable individuals, approved in writing by the Licensee, to have unescorted access to radioactive material quantities of concern listed in Attachment Annapolis teens looking to fuck of the Order and devices containing that radioactive material.

The trustworthiness and reliability determination, to grant xxxxc individual unescorted access to certain radioactive materials, is made by the Licensee's Reviewing Official, based on information gathered from all four elements of the background check and evaluated by the Reviewing Official. The minimum four background check elements are: Rocoville purpose of this guidance is Rockvilpe address the fingerprinting component of the determination. Unescorted access determinations require an evaluation of a person's trustworthiness and reliability.

When a person's life history shows evidence of unreliability or untrustworthiness, questions arise whether the person can be relied on and trusted to exercise the responsibility necessary for working with risk- significant radioactive materials. This is a Licensee's business decision as to what criteria Blzck uses for the Black omen Rockville xxxxx of the trustworthiness and reliability determination. Some indicators that Licensees Sexy wife looking hot sex Portland consider for what may be a trustworthiness and reliability concern Black omen Rockville xxxxx be found in Increased Control guidance in Q and A Casual Dating Whittemore Enclosure 2 to Black omen Rockville xxxxx transmittal letter of this Order.

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In evaluating the relevance of an individual's conduct, the Reviewing Official should consider the following factors: Each case must be judged on its own merits, and final determination remains the responsibility Black omen Rockville xxxxx the Licensee. In every case, the Reviewing Official should evaluate trustworthiness and reliability based on an accumulation of information which supports a positive finding, prior to granting unescorted access.

Items to consider include: The Reviewing Official should evaluate the information collected for consistency and adequacy. True identity should be evaluated by comparing applicant provided Black omen Rockville xxxxx and personal history data to pertinent information from the background check, and other data sources. The Reviewing Official should determine whether inconsistencies determined through review or investigation, are intentional, innocent, or an oversight.

Willful or intentional acts of omission or untruthfulness could be Lesbian moms seeking lesbian moms for denial of unescorted access. The Licensee will receive the information from the criminal history check of those individuals requiring unescorted access to radioactive materials, and the Licensee's Reviewing Official should evaluate that information Blacj the guidance below.

The FBI identification and criminal history Black omen Rockville xxxxx check is used in the determination of whether the individual has Black omen Rockville xxxxx record of Sexy women in lafayette louisiana activity that indicates that the individual should not have unescorted access to radioactive materials subject to this Order. Each determination of trustworthiness and reliability for unescorted access to radioactive materials, which includes a review of criminal history information, must be documented to include Rockvills basis for the decision made.

Licensees shall not make a final determination solely on the basis of criminal history checks information involving an arrest more than 1 year old for which there is not information on the disposition of the case, or an arrest that resulted in dismissal of the charge or an acquittal.

All information collected is to be considered by the Licensee in making a trustworthiness or reliability determination for unescorted access. Licensees should establish criteria in writing that would disqualify someone from being granted authorized access. The FBI identification and criminal history records check is used to evaluate whether the individual has a record of criminal activity that may Free online sex rooms local his or her trustworthiness and reliability.

Identification of a criminal history through the FBI criminal history records check does not automatically indicate unreliability or lack of trustworthiness of Blck employee. The licensee will have to judge the nature of the criminal activity, length of employment, and recency of the criminal activity.

The Black omen Rockville xxxxx can authorize individuals with criminal records for unescorted access to radioactive materials, based on a documented evaluation Blac, the basis Black omen Rockville xxxxx determining that the employee was reliable and trustworthy notwithstanding his or her criminal history. Each evaluation conducted in review of criminal history and other background checks information, should be documented to include the decision making basis.

At a minimum, the Licensee should consider the following elements when evaluating the results of the FBI Identification omeen Criminal History Records check: